2019 – Make it Magic

Every year around this time we look forward to the next year and set new goals, or even really the same goals. And it can be difficult reaching those goals. We struggle.

But, it can be easier.

We can do things to make it easier for us to achieve our goals and make progress!

In this 2019 – Make it Magic Livestream Series we will be:

– reflecting on 2018 to discover what went well and what didn’t
– letting go to create space for receiving in 2019
– getting clear on what it is we actually want
– planning goals that are achievable and help us actually progress towards what it is we actually want
– stop holding ourselves back
– create some magic for that extra boost
– Get together for a magical Vision Board Party!! (And Celebrate!)

This will be done over 5 livestreams with some journal prompts and worksheets in between to supplement the material.

I would be so happy for you to join us! So consider this your invitation!

Just fill out the form below and get all the details!