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Money Mindset Journal

It's time for a new kind of business.

When we think “creating a business,” we think long nights, hustling,
sending messages and emails to people we don’t know, many night of ramen (and not by choice), etc.
It’s lots of struggle, lots of pain, and lots of loneliness.
Lots of pressure.
The pressure to produce, perform, and profit –
in ways accepted by society.

But that isn’t the only way.

We can create businesses around connection, authenticity, and being real.
(Rather than the performance of expertise and perfectionism.)
I’m talking about sharing a sense of longing, expressing your uniqueness,
ease and acceptance in the process, enjoyment even of the process.

Imagine knowing and accepting yourself, your business, and what you share.
Imagine trusting your intuition, your decisions, and your skills.
Imagine your energy radiating through your business and
changing the lives of not just your clients, not just your audience, but people who don’t even know you.

You already have the tools you need to do all of this – your mind, your intuition, and your energy.
It’s just figuring out how to apply them.

Here is what I know:

We all long for connection. Human and otherwise.
You can see this in our use of social media, our radical bonding with plants, animals,
and even our Roomba’s.

We fill this need in whatever ways we can.
And there are many businesses that create a faux sort of connection.

But this need is really only satiated with real and sometimes deep connection.
This kind of connection comes from vulnerability and the sharing of the personal.

And it is in these kinds of connections and relationships where magic happens.
Where the impact happens.


Do you feel this too?

Then let me introduce myself.

Hey! I'm Shelby!

Mindset and Energy Coach for entrepreneurs of all genders looking to create authentic businesses that connect and create impact!

But let’s get real for a moment.
In 2016, I left school with a Master’s in Social Work and so much knowledge about connection and personal growth. But I also left feeling burnt out from the pressures of performing and producing.
There is a LOT of pressure out there to do these things, oh and to profit. Don’t forget that one.

It’s the same in entrepreneurial spaces. Even spiritual ones. The pressure to be, look, do things a certain way, to create certain things, and to charge or not charge certain amounts.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. I don’t just believe it, I know it.

And that’s what this is about – I want you to create YOUR business, one where you get to be you, do the things you want to or are called to, and enjoy doing. While, yes making money, and creating impact and change in the world.

Want to get your toes wet?

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