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Then make some quick shifts with the Boost Your Biz bundle!
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into alignment wherever you need it!

Building your life and business can feel like fun!

It doesn’t have to be doing a bunch of tedious tasks all the time.
Or hustling and grinding to the point of exhaustion and burn out.

You already have the tools you need – your mind, your intuition, and your energy.

Here is what I know:

We are all powerful, multi-dimensional, multi-faceted beings.
We are change makers, the origin points of far-reaching ripples. We can create our own magic lives. And we can change the world.

And I believe we can support our visions, our businesses, and our lives with energy management and care.
Your energy is one of your biggest tools. Energy is your power. Which makes it imperative to care for it so you can use it to create the change you wish to see in the world.


Do you feel this too?

Then let me introduce myself.

Hey! I'm Shelby!


Mindset and Energy Coach for entrepreneurs of all genders!

In 2016, I left school with a Master’s in Social Work and burnout. During the journey of healing and energy that followed,
I saw the changes and the ripples in my life, radiating out.
This was never about me, but about all of us. Because we are
here to change the world.

If you are ready to reclaim your power and create magic –
then I’m here guide you using mindset tools and my own
brand of energy work SM Energetics!

Let’s create ripples and change the world!!

How do we manage and care for our energy? A bit of Reiki and my framework –

This is bringing together energy work and social work.

We aren’t just looking at your energy as an individual, or your business as an individual for that matter, we are taking a person in environment approach. Energy in environment.

We’re talking micro, meso, and macro – small, medium, and large systems of energy as not only how they impact you, your business, and your vision, but how you can change them.

This isn’t a movement. This is a whole way of being and thinking about the world.

Want to get your toes wet?

Here are some blog posts to begin exploring!

Are You Standing in the Way of Your Intuition?

Are you standing in the way of your intuition? Sometimes things within ourselves can block our intuition, and we end up standing in our own way – whether we realize it or not. Our beliefs are like that. They can go unnoticed and limit us. So let’s dive into some limiting beliefs that you may be dealing with – and how to reframe them!

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What is Intuition?

What is intuition? What is this sixth sense? How does it show up in our lives? How can I use it? There are a lot of questions around intuition – so let’s dive in!

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This is the stuff I get jazzed about.

It is really like seeing the world in a whole different way. The world, our actions, how we can create impact, and how our businesses operate.

But we don’t do all of this alone. We change the world together. So let’s do it together!

Come dip your toes or dive in by joining the free That Magic Life community and meet people who are looking to make an impact!

Or are you ready to dive in?

Are you the kind of person who dives right into the deep end of the pool? Or maybe you’ve been hanging out with your feet over the side, but now you are ready to get in? Let’s work together! No matter where you are at, or how far you want to jump in, there is something for you!

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