Biz Magic

Biz Magic


Your biz has a purpose. You’ve decided to do this for A REASON. Your family. Joy. Travel. FREEDOM! Your biz is there to support you, and your clients.

Let’s return the favor and support your biz with some reiki! Give it a pamper session. Give it love. Give it a lush, divine boost!

Support your biz with a 60 minute biz reiki session + 30 minute post-session discussion immediately following the reiki session to help you get clear and plan your next steps.

People receiving these sessions are already seeing boosts in their sales, in their energy around their business, and in their productivity.

One client sold 6 essential oil blends, IMMEDIATELY following one of our sessions together. Another client received a heads up about a bump in the road coming up and was able to prepare for an event rescheduling. She was able to handle it with EASE and FLOW because she already knew it was coming – it was in our session! Clients have also gotten work done on their websites, ran giveaways, had spontaneous and supportive opportunities come up. It has just been so amazing!

Normally, this would be $111, but you can get it for only $55.55!!

WHAT?! I know right! This IS for real!

Because I have 4 HUGE goals for this offer:

arrow 2 Energy is soooo important, and I want to help people see that.
arrow 2 Reiki is more than just for healing humans, and I want to help people see that.
arrow 2 People deserve support in their businesses. They started them for a reason, and they deserve to have their dreams fulfilled.
arrow 2 Good hearted people running fabulous businesses helps to raise all of us up.

But this is a super exclusive offer.

I only have 3 slots available each week.

ONLY 3 of these sessions each week!

Now is the time to jump on this! Your biz deserves it!

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