Here is what I know:

We are all powerful, multi-dimensional, multi-faceted beings. We are change makers, the origin points of far-reaching ripples. We can create our own magic lives. And we can change the world.

And I believe we can support our visions, our businesses, and our lives with energy management and care.
Your energy is one of your biggest tools. Energy is your power. Which makes it imperative to care for it so you can use it to create the change you wish to see in the world.
Do you feel this too? 

About Shelby Melissa


I’m a Reiki Master, MSW, and an energy mentor for passionate entrepreneurs of all genders.

In 2016, I left school with a Master’s in Social Work and burnout. This led me to begin running my own business, because that is where my heart was AND my healing was. In this journey of healing and energy, I saw the changes and the ripples in my life, radiating out. This was never about me, but about all of us. Because we are here to change the world.

If you are ready to reclaim your power and create magic – then I’m here guide you using reiki, divination, singing bowls, and more! Let’s create ripples and change the world

Make Some Magic