CotW: Look to the North Star

Card of the Week, 1: 09/08/14

Ideally, a card will be drawn every week to represent a message that the majority of people need. I will always ask the same questions “What do the majority of people need to hear?” or “What card will do the most good for the week?” at least something close to these questions. Not only do the Card of the Week posts have a message, but they can also be used to get to know the meanings of cards. For now, the cards will be from Tarot decks, but may include cards from oracle decks later on.

Star - Enchanted Tarot

17. The Star
Enchanted Tarot
Major Arcana

The Star, for me, truly represents hope. It is the star to wish upon. The guiding star. Even when the sky is cloudy, the stars are still there behind them. Shining. There is hope through the tough times.
In this card we also see the flower giving nourishment to the individual. The flower is being generous with what they give. The Star also teaches us to be generous in our lives. Give when you can and don’t be stingy when you do. When you have all that you need, it is greedy to keep taking more and more. Share your excess. The Star also indicates a time of relaxation and rejuvenation. We can also see this in the flower. With the water given by the flower, the individual will nourish and replenish their body, mind, and spirit. If you find yourself stressed and tired, maybe work in some self-care this week. Take the time to treat yourself. Relax in the tub. Make comfort food for a meal. Read a book. And take a nap.
Stars can also be inspirational. When the sky is clear one night, go outside and take a look at the sky. Sit on the ground, or in your house, and gaze into the night sky. Let worries and stress wash away. Listen to world and to the stars. Be inspired!

I find it interesting that this is the card for this week. The Star has more recently become one of my favorite cards because of the message it gives: Never give up hope. When I first started this blog and was in the stages of creation, The Star became the image for it. Spirit Centered Awakenings is about inspiration, nourishing the spirit, rejuvenation, and never forgetting hope.

What does The Star mean to you? Leave your interpretation or story in the comments below!

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  1. tallulah14 says:


    I just wanted to tell you that I really like your blog and the direction that it is going in šŸ™‚

    For me, the star is also primarily a sign of hope and also gratitude. This is the symbol that keeps me motivated to continue on my journey by reminding me that I’m where I need to be and to keep going.

    1. Thank you for the feedback and for sharing your interpretation of The Star. It also sounds like The Star could be reassurance?
      Good luck on your journey!

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