CotW: Rolling with Change

Card of the Week, 2: 09/15/14

2 of pentacles copy

Two of Pentacles
Enchanted Tarot
Minor Arcana

In this Two of Pentacles I see a reminder to seek balance and the continuous nature of change.
Balance is usually thought of a keeping things even, but doing so can be difficult, especially where the pentacles are concerned. It always seems like the bills are all due on the same day, and it just happens to be grocery day too. All that hard earned money is gone in the blink of an eye. Spending and saving are not in balance with each other on these days. Sometimes big projects are taken on, or assigned, at work, necessitating long nights. The home life may not be in balance with the work life during that time. Balance is a juggling act and perfect balance may not always, and probably never is, attainable. The Two of Pentacles is a reminder to seek balance and in doing so, not to create more stress.
Change is continuous, like the infinity sign around the two pentacles on this card. It can be a reminder to go with the flow and not hold on too tightly. The Two of Pentacles can also warn against stagnation, as change is always occurring. Nature holds examples of this in the seasons and in the shedding of skin by the snake. Change is a neutral force, it is what we make of it that changes this stance. This card tells to greet change with flexibility.

I know this week I have a lot going on. Changes are bound to occur in the schedule, especially when working with other people, and I will need to be flexible in order to get everything done. In doing so however, I should seek a balance. If I am constantly working on things, I am going to wear myself out quickly, and then not everything may get done.

What are ways in which you can seek balance in your home life, work, and money? In what ways can you embrace change this week? Leave your comments below!

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