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Card of the Week, 3: 09/22/14

9 the hermit

9. The Hermit
Legend of Tarot
Major Arcana

Hermits are typically thought of as loners, living away from civilization, and possibly seeking knowledge or wisdom. The Hermit in Tarot is not much different.

The Hermit can be seen as a mentor or as a guiding light. Usually a figure on the card is holding a lantern or light of some sort. They are the light in the darkness, guiding you through and illuminating your path. Or it could signify being that light for someone else.
This card can indicate a need for introspection and self-reflection. With busy schedules, sometimes our minds can be too busy for this. I believe self-reflection and introspection to be great resources for self-oriented growth. Part of this can play into solitude. Stillness and quiet may be necessary for some. The Hermit reminds us to set aside a little bit of time every day for retreating within.
Seeking wisdom and searching for truth are also signified by the Hermit. Usually the figure on the card is older, with a long white beard. This Hermit has the indicative white facial hair, even if it isn’t the long wizard beard. We also have the added imagery of the owl which is typically linked to wisdom. In the games that this deck draws upon, the owl can sometimes act as a guide dispensing advice, imparting wisdom, and identifying important areas to the player.

The message the Hermit gives for this week is to make quiet time for self-reflection and introspection. For some, this week may be about following or acting as a mentor, following the guiding light or holding the torch for someone else. The Hermit also indicates that there is always time to learn something new, to seek out knowledge, wisdom, and truth.

Last week was very busy for me and this week is almost quite the opposite. I take the Hermit as telling me to use this down time to look within myself. Look where I can grow. Look at how far I have come. This week will be about spending time getting to know myself better and seeking wisdom. Not only does the Hermit tell me to hold the torch for others, but to also follow my own guiding light.

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