CotW: Grow Your Abundance

Card of the Week, 4: 09/29/14

03 The Empress

3. The Empress
Silhouettes Tarot
Major Arcana

The Empress is fertile and nurturing. The plants flourish around her. Their fruit is larger than usual, and ready to be picked. It is by her hand that the plants grow and the harvest becomes bountiful.
Representing typical feminine qualities, the Empress is also related to pregnancy and maternity. In some decks, this card will show the Empress with a full belly or small baby bump. Not only is the land around her fertile, but she is as well. In this, the Empress is associated with other things typically associated with women, such as family, marriage, sensibility, being soft, and tolerance.
Ruled by Venus, the Empress symbolizes love and beauty. Not only is she motherly and bountiful, but the Empress is also sensual. She represents the epitome of beauty.

I find that the Empress card is rather straight forward. For me, the meaning rarely changes and when it does, it is only slightly different due to context. However, your millage may vary.

This week can be a time for abundance. Plant your seeds and they will grow. If you tend them, they have the potential to become even more bountiful. Take the time this week to nurture yourself or others. And remember that you are beautiful as you are.

What does the Empress mean to you?

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