CotW: Structure to Control

Card of the Week, 5: 10/06/14

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4. The Emperor
The Sweeney Tarot
Major Arcana

The Emperor is the counter part to the Empress in most decks, so I find it interesting that they came one right after the other. The Empress was last week’s card.

In the Sweeney Tarot, the Emperor appears stern and possibly upset with the person they are looking at. They wield power and command order. It is best not to get on their bad side. And if on their good side, they may be able to use their power and command to help you.
Their words carry weight. What they say can cause contemplation, action, etc.
As the Empress typically embodies “mother” and “woman” the Emperor typically embodies “father” and “man.” This includes directing the family, working for material support and gifting the family with it, protection, and propagating the family line. However, as times have changed, the father has also taken the role of the Stay-at-Home Dad. No long just stern and patriarchal, the father is fun and nurturing.
The Emperor can also represent someone of authority. This could be a judge, a police officer, a congressperson, etc.

This week may require more order and structure than usual. You may be called upon as a figure of authority or deal with someone who is considered a figure of authority. Take control of your life this week.

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What does the Emperor say to you?

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