CotW: Why You Should Stay in Bed This Week

Card of the Week, 6: 10/13/14

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Four of Swords
Sharman-Caselli Tarot
Minor Arcana

An individual lays in bed, hands clasped and resting on their chest. Two swords hang at the foot of the bed. The other two swords hang at angles, pointing towards the bed. In the book for this deck, it points out that the robe is blue. However, due to the style, the colors are a bit muted and the individual laying on the bed looks like they are made of stone.

The Four of Swords indicates that last week, there may have been some struggles and that this week is one of rest and recovery. The individual on the card is so deeply asleep, that they appear to be stone. This is partially due to the style, however, it can also speak to the level of rest and recovery that may be needed. In other decks, the individual on the card is sometimes holding one of the swords. This would give the card an added definition. I see it as being prepared and vigilant. However, in the Sharman-Caselli deck, the individual has given themselves over, completely, to the recovery process.
Part of resting is solitude. I know that I find it harder to rest if there are things going on around me. Calm and quietness have a hand in getting that rejuvenation. This could be doing some quiet meditations this week, visiting a quiet park, or relaxing within the quietness of your own home.
Another aspect to this card is healing. We see the heart in the window and it can be related back to the Three of Swords, which is typically a heart with three swords stuck in it. The heart is given the time to heal after being hurt. This sways to emotional or mental healing more than physical healing, but we can make that leap. In my area, this is one of the times of year that people start getting sick and this card can indicate the need for healing. If you are feeling under the weather, not quite right, or just want some preventative care make sure to see your medical professional. I am not a medical professional, so please seek out your doctor.

What do you see in this card?
In what ways can you incorporate the Four of Swords into your week?
Are you balancing actions and doing with rest?
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