Card of the Week, 7: 10/20/14

Sorry for being late on this one. Graduate school has me very busy with the next couple of weeks and I am working on finding a balance.

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Knight of Rods
Aquarian Tarot
Court Card

I think Knights are interesting cards. They are not quite in charge of themselves and can act at either end of a spectrum- in control and productively, or out of control and destructively. The Knight of Rods, or Wands in most decks,  is charming, active, adventurous, and passionate.  On the other side of things, this Knight can be superficial, too active, restless, and easy to anger.

As a Court Card, the Knight of Rods could indicate a person. Typically, Knights are considered to be young men. I however, don’t read for physical traits such as age or gender. For me, The Knight of Rods could be any age, any gender, have any hair color, etc. The thing that they do follow is their personality characteristics. The Knight of Rods would be an individual who is currently in the querent’s life or will come into their life. The Knight is charming and attractive. However, they can also be superficial in achieving their charm or attraction. The Knight of Rods is on the go and active. This may mean that they have a lot of energy, maybe too much for others to handle. In their activeness, they are also adventurous and restless. If they stay in one place too long, they start to feel the itch, the need to travel, to see, to do. The Knight of Rods is also very passionate, which they get from the suit of Rods. On the downside, they are not as in control of their passionate energy yet and may become too fiery. This could manifest in anger, hotheadedness, and acting without thinking.

I also interpret Court Cards, as characteristics the querent may already embody or wish to embody to attain a desired goal. In this case, the querent would already be the Knight of Rods or look into becoming the Knight. For example, it could mean being more adventurous or taking risks, things one would normally not do, to get to that goal.

Typically, Knights are seen riding horses, each moving at differing speeds. The perceived speed of the horse can indicate how fast things may occur. This knight is usually moving moderately fast and can indicate a range of  days to weeks. The Knight of Rods in the Aquarian Tarot is not pictured on a horse.

This week, the Knight of Rods may play a role in your life as a person or you may have to take on certain characteristics to achieve your goals for the week. Take your passion and use it! Take action!

How do you see the Knight of Rods, or Wands? Leave a comment below!
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