Card of the Week, 8: 11/03/14

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 O. The Fool
The Dreaming Way Tarot
Major Arcana

The Fool is the first of the Major Arcana and often the first card in a newly opened deck. Typically an individual is seen walking towards the edge of a cliff or off the cliff. They carry their belongings with them in a sack, setting out on an adventure with only what they can carry. Often times a white dog accompanies the Fool.

The Fool represents naivety, adventure, taking a leap of faith, and growth.

The Fool has just set off on a journey, an adventure. They are taking the first steps out on their own, exploring a new world of new information. The Fool is striking out on their own and expanding their horizons.

The Fool is naive in the sense that they expect to land on their feet. They may not see all of the bumps along the road. Their high hopes tend to fog their view a bit.

The Fool is also taking a leap of faith that things will turn out alright. They are taking those first steps without much support. Their high hopes also play into this. Sometimes we cannot readily see how things will turn out, but we have to take that step in doing them anyway. Take that leap of faith.

Part of going on an adventure is growing. The Fool is much like a seed in that they have the potential for great growth, but have not started that process quite yet. The seed has to fall away from the plant before it can reach the ground and start taking in nourishment.

This week may be about taking a leap of faith and starting that journey you have been thinking about. You may decide to try something new, start that new project, or go exploring. There only guarantee that can be made, is that you will find growth in some way by doing so.

Leave a comment below and let me know how you see The Fool, or tell me about your plans for the week!

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