Card of the Week, 10: 11/17/14

02 of cups
From Quirkeries.

Two of Cups
Paulina Tarot
Minor Arcana

This week’s card comes from the Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy. Two individuals sit on a blooming blossom. They both hold up cups, crossing them a little. In front of them sit a cat and a dog.

The Two of Cups is about relationships. Usually, this is a romantic relationship, but can sometimes be seen as a friendship or even just a coming together of two people. This could be letting bygones be bygones or moving forward on a positive feeling. It is the beginnings of the relationship, whether that be a new relationship, or shedding the old by forgiving and forgetting.

This week is a week for new relationships. If you are looking for a relationship, get out there and find love. If you already have love, nourish it this week. Let go of the old, forgive and forget, to forge forward.

Don’t forget to compare last week’s card to your week!
Comment below at how you are going to forge relationships and nourish love this week!

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