Card of the Week, 12: 12/01/14

02 The High Priestess
Photo from Rowan Tarot.

2. The High Priestess
Fairy Lights Tarot
Major Arcana

The High Priestess in the Fairy Lights Tarot is sitting comfortably and reading a book. Behind her we see the typical white and black pillars. In the brush in the foreground, there appears to be four eggs. There are lights all around her. These are, presumably, fairy lights.

This High Priestess in particular is about seeking wisdom, not just from within like the typical High Priestess, but also from sources outside of one’s self. This is evident in the appearance of a book on this card. The High Priestess is reading the knowledge and experiences of another while tempering it with her knowledge and experiences.

There is more than just this to the High Priestess. This card is also linked to magic, intuition, and the unknown. The High Priestess seeks wisdom but also to know the unknown and seeks what is concealed. Not just seeking what others know, but what is not discussed or explored. As for intuition and magic, these can sometimes fall into the unknown or mysteries. The High Priestess is sometimes said to be guarding the mysteries to an extent.

Where the Magician is actively creating, the High Priestess is nonactive. This card can also be about having patience and becoming calm. The High Priestess on this card from the Fairy Lights Tarot is relaxing and reading a book, almost absorbed in it. Wisdom and intuition cannot always be forced. Sometimes it takes repetition and patience.

This week, take some time to practice calmness and patience. Try meditating if you are inclined to do so. Seek wisdom and the unknown. Read a book, not just for fun, but to expand your knowledge or wisdom. This doesn’t exclude fictional works. Often times there are bits of truth in those. Break out your Tarot deck, a pendulum, or other divination device and give it a try. Ask it to share with you.

Let me know how your week unfolds below!
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