Card of the Week, 13: 12/08/14

07 the chariot
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07. The Chariot
The Tarot of Trees
Major Arcana

This week’s card is the Chariot and comes from The Tarot of Trees, a wonderful deck by Dana Driscoll. The Chariot from this deck shows a tree at the edge of a cliff. The roots of the tree have coiled in finding a way into the ground to support the trunk. The branches blow in the wind as the last of the leaves fall from the tree.

The Chariot is about victory over challenges. This tree has managed to grow strong roots and establish itself in an area that presents many challenges. The typical Chariot depicts an individual in a chariot wearing laurels. Both indicate victory. The tree was able to assert itself and persevere to grow and thrive.

Part of being victorious over challenges is having the strength of will-power. The victory presented by the Chariot is not won without hard work and perseverance. In this, the Chariot also represents taking the reins with self-confidence, curbing impulses, and working hard.

The Chariot can also pose as a warning. Do not become swept up in the desire to win. Life will continue on after the victory is won, or lost. There will be more challenges to over come and more victories to obtain.

This week, work hard at achieving victories, but be wearing of becoming swept up in the desire to win.

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