Card of the Week, 15: 01/11/15

19 the sun
photo by me, ShelbyMelissa

19. The Sun
Dreaming Way Tarot
Major Arcana

The Sun is this week’s card from the Dreaming Way Tarot. On this card a baby appears to have crawled out from a sunflower patch. On the ground before the baby lays a lollipop. Typically, the baby is seen riding a horse with sun flowers in the background.

For me, The Sun is typically a card of joy, laughter, growth, happiness, and vitality. The sun provides energy for life on Earth and when the sun is shining brightly it seems like the world is more alive. Birds are in the air and singing. Squirrels and chipmunks are playing. And people are out and about, enjoying the day. The baby can be seen as a symbol for this as well. The babies on this card are usually laughing or smiling, appearing joyful.

Another aspect of The Sun is illumination and bringing things to light. In this particular card, the baby appears to have crawled out from the sunflower patch, which I can imagine could be hard to see through. The baby has come out into the light and can better see the lollipop. With illumination comes a sense of clarity, understanding, and possibly even trust. When we see things clearly, we are better able to trust them.

To me, this card says it is going to be a good week! There may be some bumps along the way while we try to make it out of the sunflower patch, but once we hit the end of the week we will be able to see with clarity. We may even be able to look back on the week and laugh at some of our bumps!

What do you think?
Tell me how you relate to the card or how you think this week will turn out!

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