Card of the Week, 16: 01/26/15

photo from the Paulina Cassidy website.

 King of Wands
Paulina Tarot
Minor Arcana

Welcome! Unfortunately last week was a holiday so there wasn’t a post! I hope everyone safely navigated though it without much trouble! Let’s get into this week’s card!

This week’s card comes from the Paulina Tarot by  the talented artist, Paulina Cassidy. The King of Wands from this deck is a very involved card. There is just so much detail in this card! The King’s gown is embellished with jewels. The throne appears to have been carved by a master artisan. Even the candle holder in the background is a work of art.

The King of Wands is typically described as being confident, passionate, creative, and attractive. They embody much of the traits associated with the suit of wands. In this card, we can see many of these traits. The throne, the gown, and even the candle holder are all works of art. They are intricate and beautiful. The colors on this card are also very warm for the most part and the kind is wearing a crown with a sun design. In the background, there is a salamander, which is typically associated with fire in Tarot. This is where we can make the passionate association. Passion is typically described as being fiery and intense. When looking at the King, we see an expression of smugness. This could also be considered to be a form of confidence. As for attractive, I don’t see it, but you’ll have to decide that for yourself!

Generally, court cards are considered to be indicative of people or characteristics. This week, you may find yourself learning from a fiery King of Wands. You may also find yourself taking on some of these characteristics to push through to the end of the week. You may find yourself getting creative and passionate about a project or issue this week. Although our King of Wands is smug here, don’t be afraid to become more confident in yourself, your work, your passions, etc. For me, the King is telling me to get that fire burning within myself and work hard. The King is also telling me that it is okay to be confident in what I do and what I share. Believe it or not, I still get scared and down on myself sometimes! The King reminds me that it is okay to feel that way, but to push ahead anyway and the King invites me to express my confidence.

What do you think?
Tell me how you relate to the card or how you think this week will turn out!
How did the other week go for you?

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