Card of the Week, 17: 02/02/15

02 of pentacles two
photo by me.

Two of Pentacles
The Wild Unknown Tarot
Minor Arcana

This week’s lovely card comes from the beautiful Wild Unknown Tarot.

A butterfly spreads its wings showing two pentacles. Around the pentacles swirl a rainbow of energy creating an infinity symbol.

The Two of Pentacles is typically linked with balance, juggling, and flexibility. This is typically represented in the dual pentacles and the infinity symbol that wraps around them. This particular Two of Pentacles adds the dimension of transformation and change, represented in the butterfly. Butterflies have also been connected with spirits, adding another possible dimension to this card.

Linking all of these things together, this Two of Pentacles is asking us to balance the spiritual with the mundane. Too often we can get stuck on one or the other leading to an imbalance. Are we attempting to be so spiritual that we forget our obligations? Or are we so stuck in the mundane life, that we forget to take time to honor our spiritual selves? Typically, the Two of Pentacles relates to work vs play. Are you working too much? Are you playing too much? Balance is a continuous cycle, as indicated by the infinity symbol. We are constantly asked to balance all aspects of our life.

With the element of transformation and change, balance is not something that always comes easily. We have to change the way we act, our habits, or even our thoughts to get the scales to balance. We are constantly making changes in our lives. Little decisions that help move the energy flow in the direction we seek. Sometimes outside forces, and even inside forces, will push that energy flow in another direction. We are constantly correcting our course.

For me, a lot of attention and energy is going towards grad school. Today, I have a paper/presentation due, a worksheet due, and three chapters to read. I do not have time to do all of these, so I had to decided where I wanted to put my energy. I worked on the paper/presentation and the worksheet all weekend while deciding to put the readings aside for a later date. I have another paper due later this week along with reading chapters and articles. I will continue to have to find balance between my assignments, with the rest of my school work, and with the rest of my life outside of school.

This card asks you if you are leading a balanced life. In what ways can you create more balance?
Share your ideas with me below!

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