Card of the Week, 18: 02/09/15

photo by me.

Two of Wands
Crystal Visions Tarot
Minor Arcana

How did last week go? Were you able to obtain some balance in your life?
This week’s card, the Two of Wands, is almost like the next step after finding balance. Our card this week comes from the Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso.

An individual sits with their dragon. The individual holds a wand in each hand and in the dragon’s tail is a globe. The two of them gaze out over the water and into the distance. There is a lot of power and possibility in this card.

To be able to befriend and ride a dragon takes great personal power. You may even say that someone is bold to even attempt to do so. But this individual is not just bold for having befriended the dragon or has personal power, they are also setting out on an adventure, on a journey. They have taken the first step and are resting before they continue to move on. They have an array of possibilities before them. They can choose which direction they wish to move in. Do they move forward? Change course? Or head back? Many experiences await no matter the choice. There are infinite possibilities before the individual and the dragon, but they have to take that next step.

This is much like our spiritual lives. We have an infinite number of possibilities before us. Our personal power can help us to take that next step. Sometimes that step needs to be a bold one, where we step out on a limb or try something that others say we cannot or are not able to do. Sometimes we gaze out over the landscape of our lives and into the distance, trying to see as much as we can before we take that step. However, sometimes life requires that we be bold and take that step. You have the personal power to chart the course of your spiritual life and the boldness to take action, to take those steps along your path. These also work together to allow you to step off that charted course into the unknown and do some learning and exploring of your own.

You can do this!

Are you currently charting your course? Are you taking those first steps again? I would love to hear where you are at on your spiritual path in the comment section below!

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