CotW: Challenge Accepted!

Card of the Week, 19: 02/16/15

01 of Swords 2
Photo by me.

Ace of Swords
Silhouettes Tarot 1st ed.
Minor Arcana

Welcome back! I hope everyone’s week went well last week. This week’s card comes to us from the Silhouettes Tarot, 1st edition by MASA September. I decided to go with this deck to celebrate the launch of the second edition, available through! I ordered mine, have you ordered yours yet?

This beautiful Ace of Swords shows a lovely scene of greenery. A crown sits at the bottom of the card, from which greenery grows out of and around. A bird strikes down through the green layer into the crown.

The Ace of Swords typically represents new challenges, the use of mental force, honesty, and seeking justice. Here the bird strikes true, right through the middle of the crown. With the crown, we could also see this card as a challenge to power or ruling. The greenery represents room for growth, or potentially overgrowth. It could also be that in order to seek the truth, you may have to search through the brush that is hiding it. Sometimes the truth is out in the open, and sometimes it is hidden. If we look at the background colors, it almost looks as if the yellow truth of the crown is shining through in the purple darkness.

This week may present some new challenges, but you have the ability to see out the truth of these matters and bring it to light with honesty and justice. These challenges may be of the mental realm, but you have the capacity to illuminate them.

What challenges are you facing right now? How could you address them?
Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

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