CotW: Illusions and Fears

Card of the Week, 20: 02/23/15


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XVIII The Moon
Mystic Dreamer Tarot
Major Arcana

I want to know how your week went last week! How did it go? What challenges did you face? Were you able to overcome them? Share your stories with me!

Let’s dive into this week’s card, The Moon. Our Card of the Week comes to us from the Mystic Dreamer Tarot by Barbara Moore and Heidi Darras! A wolf and a lobster stand on a set of stairs leading to a bridge. The ocean is turbulent and waves crash over the bridge, making it hard to see the path. Two towers stand watch on either side of the pathway. In the sky, the full moon has risen high and its glow dimly illuminates the path before you.

The challenges of last week feed into the illusions and fears of this week. The light from the moon can only illuminate so much. In this dimly lit landscape, things are not always as they appear. Are the animals friend or foe? Are they here to guide you across safely? Or are they a challenge you must pass? If you cannot see past the illusions, let your intuition guide you. Not only are illusions playing with our imaginations, but so is fear. Fear turns trees in the woods into monsters and makes us easy to deceive. What fears are you holding on to? What influence to they have on your life? Breathe deeply. Recognize the fear. Acknowledge it. And let it go. By focusing on the fear instead of letting it go, you may only be holding yourself back. Let the fear go, because you are meant for so much more. Your energy yearns to vibrate on a different level.

If you wish, take a moment to meditate on this card. Walk up those steps and see where the path takes you.

I want to know what you think! What fears are you holding onto? What illusions are you facing this week? Leave me a comment below!

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