CotW: Take Root

Card of the Week, 21: 03/09/15

01 of Fossils Pentacles

Ace of Fossils
The Animal Wisdom Tarot
Minor Arcana

How is your month going so far? Measure it against your tarotscope!

This week’s card is from The Animal Wisdom Tarot by Dawn Brunke and illustrated by Ola Liola! And it is quite a gorgeous deck! This deck doesn’t use the traditional minor arcana suits, instead it uses fossils, shells, branches, and feathers. Each card also has its own animal. On the Ace of Fossils, a bison has wander up a small hill. A plant fossil sits at their feet. Two branches of purple flowers appear of their head. This card just feels powerful, yet gentle. This is much like the bison, which can appear gentle and lazy, but when attacking, the move with force and power.

The Ace of Fossils is similar to the Ace of Pentacles. Both deal in beginnings, new opportunities and unexpected messages. They are rooted in the earth and the abundance it can bring. This card also tells of strength and potential. Go outside, listen, watch, and learn.

Winter got you feeling stuffy? All of the snow bringing you down? Don’t worry. Spring is around the corner! The Ace of Fossils reminds us that new beginnings are around the corner. As the ground is thawing, or if it has already thawed, dig your roots deeper. Take in the energy of the earth below you. Use it to fuel your growth and mature. This is the beginning of long term change. But remember, you are strong and you will come through this change on the other side standing tall, much like the bison on the hill.

Take some time to meditate on what this means for you. Envision yourself taking root. What does your growth look like? What changes do you encounter?
Let me know how you connect with this card below!

Take root and grow!

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