CotW: Rise Above

Card of the Week, 22: 03/15/15

Six of Wands | Minor Arcana | Wild Unknown Tarot

How was last week? Did you take root and grow? Growing is hard work. Sometimes we have to leave things behind or work through tough thickets, but we have to keep persevering. This week it will pay off.

The card for this week is the Six of Wands from the Wild Unknown Tarot illustrated by Kim Krans. This card is beautiful and has a message that is just as beautiful. You can find your way and emerge from the storm. You will not just survive it, but you will become even more beautiful and free.

On this card, we see a beautiful green and blue butterfly rising above the dark thicket of wands. The dark thicket can be indicative of a trying time in life, one where you may be feeling worn out and ready to give up. However, with this card, there is hope and a sense of transformation. A caterpillar would not have been able to rise above in the same way a butterfly can. The caterpillar had to let go within and shed what was not working for them, before they were able to fly out of the thicket.

You are the caterpillar. Growth is continuous. And you will emerge more beautiful and stronger than before. You can do this.

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