CotW: Go Within

Card of the Week, 23: 03/22/2015

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Eight of Swords | Minor Arcana | The Wild Unknown Tarot

 I hope you were able to rise above last week! This week is about going within. Let’s see what more this card may have to say.

A chrysalis  hangs from a sword. Seven other swords surround the chrysalis. The developing butterfly is stuck and surrounded. Because they are in a situation they put themselves in, they are feeling vulnerable, trapped, and powerless. Yet, this is a necessary transformation. It was necessary to become the chrysalis in order to eventually transform into the butterfly. As the growing butterfly, it can be difficult to trust that things will be different and that there will be an opportunity to change the situation. As onlookers, we can see it, but the growing butterfly cannot.

This week, you are the growing butterfly. In comparison to last week, this may seem like a step backwards, however, transformation is on going. Change is always happenings. This is really just another step along your path. Your vulnerability now will make you stronger later. While you are feeling trapped and unable to make a move, take some time to go within. Work on yourself,  rather than trying to move your position, which would put you in contact with one of the swords. Is there something you have been wanting to work on?

For example, I deal with anxiety. This is something that I can go within myself this week and work on. I find out where it is coming from or what other things may be contributing to it. This is something that could benefit from the help of a mental health professional. You may want to work on changing your attitude towards exercising or taking a bit more time for rest. This is even a time where you could work on your spirituality or reconnecting with your religious practice! What do you need right now? Unsure of what you need? Take some time to meditate!

Take some time to go within this week when you are feeling trapped and stuck! Comment below with what you find!

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