CotW: Peace and Love

Card of the Week, 24: 03/30/15

Son of Cups | Court Card | Wild Unknown Tarot

How did last week go? Were you able to go within and undergo transformation? Let me know by leaving a comment on last week’s post!

This week’s card is the Son of Cups which is the Wild Unknown Tarot equivalent of the Knight of Cups. This son is peaceful and introspective. They have tendencies to be romantic, imaginative, and sensitive as well. When the Son of Cups is out of balance they can become over emotional, overly fanciful with their head in the clouds, and overly introverted.

What does that mean for this week?

Well, the Son of Cups serves as a reminder. Last week, we were guided to go within, this week, the Son of Cups wants us to remember that there is life outside as well. They warn of being too introverted and experiencing possible emotional unrest this week due to too much introspection. Remember to cultivate the relationships around you as well as a sense of peacefulness in your life. This is all unique to you. Your relationships and peacefulness will look different than those of another, and that is okay.

The Son of Cups also serves as a reminder to love, in whatever form you can this week. Love others, love friends, love partners, love strangers, love yourself.

How is your week going? What have you been doing to cultivate your relationships and peacefulness in your life? What have you been doing to  spread love this week? Let me know! And leave a comment below!

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