New Moon in Gemini

Today, the moon turns new in Gemini. The same placement the sun is currently in!

The moon phase interacts with the placement, opening up emotional wounds and the need for connection with others. There is also lots of air energy, so think Swords (the tarot suit). Today will be challenging. While emotional wounds rise to the surface, logic will be needed to navigate through the day. This distracts the mind from the pain, putting it on the back burner until it can be addressed.

Gemini is also ruled by Mercury. This planet is typically associated with thought, movement, and communication. Set new plans to vacation or move forward on a project. Give these plans the time span of new moon to full moon to manifest, as the best time for fruition is under the Full Moon. Or even make plans to reconnect with old friends or family members you may have lost touch with, given the communication aspect.

In the New Moon, making new friendships can also be beneficial! Take a moment to chat with someone new in class, the barista, or a co-worker in another department. This satisfies the need for connection and who knows, you may even start a life-long friendship!

Because the sun is also in Gemini, you may be feeling it’s energy extra strong!

Personally, I am going to use some of that energy on the written word for more blog posts! (And what do you know! I just used thy energy to write this one!) Then later, I am going to reconnect with some friends now that I am done with school and back from vacation!

How are you going to harness the energy of the New Moon in Gemini?

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