Solstice Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn
Cards are from the Spirit de la Lune deck by Marissa Massie and Rachael Caringella

The moon waxes into a Full Moon in Capricorn on the night of the Summer Solstice! What a treat! But, what does that mean?

The Full Moon is a time of fruition. Intentions that have been set on the New Moon and cared for blossom, bearing their fruits. Manifestation. The Full Moon can then also be a time of abundance and celebration! During the period of the Full Moon emotions and intuitions also flow. Don’t be surprised if you connect better with either or both of these on Monday!

Capricorn, the mer-goat with earth vibes. The energy of Capricorn subdues the emotional nature of the Full Moon. You may be feeling more emotionally balanced during this time. Capricorn is a hard working sign, so don’t be surprised if you are feeling more likely to hunker down and get those last couple of reports done, work ahead on school work, or go the extra mile to achieve your goals. But watch for pursuing these out of selfish interests. This could lead to hurting others around you or regrets as the moon wanes and moves into Aquarius.

With the double-whammy of manifestation and working hard, you can get a lot done on Monday! Just make sure to be mindful of your interactions with others as you do.

What fun things do you have planned for the Full Moon? How are you going to channel these energies? Leave a comment below!
*Please note that the sign may be off by a day or so due to calculations.


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  1. Elyssa says:

    I think it’s just gonna charge some crystals for me tonight. Maybe write down things I want to accomplish this year, using the special energy to boost my motivation!

    1. Sounds like a nice relaxing night! <3 Definitely a great way to go!
      What would your ideal Summer Solstice activity be?

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