I Love Hearing This! 

“Oh my god, this is crazy! Literally every card is significant to my life right now. I honestly cannot explain it without listing every card lol. I think the biggest one was that you mentioned an oak was calling out to me, because one year ago tomorrow I got an oak leaf tattooed on me, and I’ve always felt connected, although I may have lost it lately. Thank you so, so much for the reading! It was scary accurate :)” -Calla, feedback for the Running with Intuition Reading

As a reader and spirit worker, I love hearing this! I love hearing that every card is significant! While I have to trust the cards, my intuition, and spirits to deliver the messages each client needs, I worry about them getting jumbled up as they come through me. The spirit calling out to Calla came through, I was there to receive it and remain open. By doing this, I was able to deliver it to her! And it was something she needed to hear.

And my favorite is “scary accurate.” It just gives me goose bumps every time I hear it!

I love spreading this experience to people all over!
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I want to hear your reading experiences! Be you the reader or the querent/client, share them below!

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