When Passion Fades – Devotion


I was prompted to think about Devotion while taking Your Creative Self – a 28 Day Meditation Experience by Heather Waxman.

Here is what I wrote in my journal, and posted to the Facebook Group in response to the question “Is there something that needs more devotion?”:

Everything. I have a pattern of starting things but never really finishing them. Art. Stories. Projects. Books. Self-studies. Personal challenges. Etc. I get passionate, begin something, and then it fades for one reason or another.There is always an excuse.
My prayer journal (/binder) is an example of this. I created it. Started using it. But then I told myself couldn’t keep a schedule because I was too tired, or I was working, or I had another obligation. Or. Or. Or. Excuses. All of them.

My ego goes to work.

Probably because I’m going towards growth and beginning to reach the first peak – as stated in the “stuck as bullshit” Facebook Live talk.

I self-sabotage.

This promoted a further discussion on devotion, and I spent some more time thinking.

The next day, I defined devotion for myself:

Devotion means continuing with love even after passion has faded. An example: Doing a 30-day yoga challenge passionately for the first week, then bringing yourself to a place of love and perseverance (devotion) and doing yoga. It is creating a space of loving repetition and acceptance. Devotion is work from the heart. Devotion is showing up.

You may be thinking, “Okay Shelby, where are you going with this?”

My point here is, that devotion can be used everywhere! Relationships. Creative projects. In learning. Business. And especially spirituality.

How many times have you started to build a relationship with a spirit but stopped due to lack of time? How many times have you picked up the same spiritual book, reading from the beginning again because you just never finished it? How many times have you been too tired to pray at night?

For myself, I cannot even count. But that is where devotion comes it. It is going to that place of love and perseverance and doing it anyway because your end goal (Or the bigger picture) is worth more than whatever excuse is happening in that moment.

Devotion is why I am writing this post despite being tired from working all day and wanting to nap.

I am devotiong myself to growth and self love. To being a beacon of light and change.
I am devoting myself to me, love, and all our futures.

Are you devoting yourself to something? Or inspired to?
Comment below with what you are devoting yourself to!

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