It Is Okay – What I needed to hear while working my path

It Is Okay

It Is Okay – What I needed to hear while working my path

I had a post for this week, but as I began to transfer it from paper to the computer, it changed. I want to spend some more time with it before I post it. So I sat on my bed looking out the window at the trees swaying and asked myself “What did I need to hear? What are things that I needed to hear throughout my path?” What came through was part what I needed to hear, and part a reflection of things I have read lately.

Here is the message I have for you: It is okay if your path, be it a life path or spiritual path, looks different than someone else’s. It is okay. And if your idol or mentor changes their path, it is okay if you don’t want to follow. 

I remember long ago starting out on my spiritual exploration looking to see what others were doing. I attempted to emulate the people I saw. I was all over the place. I was operating under one set of practices, then all of a sudden I would change directions and be researching a whole different religion. I was exploring, and that is okay. It is okay to explore and learn about different religions and spiritualities. The only thing wrong with this was all of the cultural appropriation I was doing. By taking the practicies and beliefs from marginalized groups and out of their cultural context, I was actively hurting them. That is hugely wrong. But changing directions and exploring open systems is totally okay. 

I also remember the moral targeting that comes along with some of this. If I didn’t follow a certain spiritual belief or set of beliefs, I was told that I wasn’t truly spiritual or that I would never actually gain any enlightenment/ascend/become more powerful or that I was faking it (whatever it was). Certain belief systems do have rules and regulations about how to do things and what to believe. But that isn’t what I am talking about here. I’m talking about walking by another path and receiving condemnation from people on that other path. This will more than likely happen to you at some point. Don’t let them get to you. It is okay if what you do looks different than what they do. Their true issue isn’t you. You just happened to be nearby. You didn’t do anything wrong and you are not a bad person.

I’ve mentioned this in another post, Changing Beliefs, but it is worth mentioning again. Your beliefs will change and that is okay!

It is okay if they no longer look exactly like the beliefs of your idol. Be this because your beliefs are changing or because theirs are changing, it is okay. They are human, and maybe now is the time to find a new teacher or maybe now is the time to break out on your own for a bit. It is totally okay. Your beliefs don’t mean any less. Your path isn’t wrong because it now differs than theirs. It is okay. 

So take your time. Feel your emotions, whatever comes up. And know it is okay.

Leave a comment or some love below if this is what you needed to hear too!

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  1. Hi Shelby! This post really resonated with me! I’m also at the point on my path where I’m at crossroads and lately I’ve just been in the toxic cycle of comparing my journey to others. What’s important is that we recognize our own individuality and that what works for someone else may not work for you and vice versa. We come incarnate on Earth for the sole purpose of balancing our energies and experiencing situations that aid or expansion. While it is great to hear other’s perspective, never forget your own. I feel like this post came at a time where I needed it the most and your words re-affirmed the faith that I have in my journey, no matter how unusual and crazy it has been. No one has to understand but you. Thank you again Shelby! My blog also covers topics centered around spirituality and I would love if you checked out mine! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi! I am so glad it resonated with you! Ugh that toxic cycle of comparison is so hard. Please reach out any time you feel yourself getting drawn into that cycle! Your path and your journey are your own, including all of its unique and crazy twists and turns! ❤️

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