Building Faith: How a cat helped me to trust the Universe

Building Faith

I am someone has struggled with faith. But I have come to build faith in the Universe. And a cat helped me to do it. Sounds a bit strange huh? A cat. Let me tell you how.

I didn’t grow up in a religion that emphasized having faith or demanded it. (Not that it would have been better to.) We weren’t really a religious household at all. Even as I explored religions and spirituality, I didn’t gravitate towards ones or communities that expected full, unwavering faith. Maybe this sounds like you too.

More recently in my life however, faith has become more emphasized. During meditations and journaling with the Universe and my Divine Self, I have been told a number of times that one of my lessons was faith – having faith that the Universe has my back, that random miracles can and do happen to me, and that my desires when co-created with the Universe, will manifest. It has always been easy for me to believe these could happen to other people and that they do happen, just for some reason not to me. And this wasn’t out of a lack of self worth, self love, or faith in myself. I love who I am. I am just as worthy of joy and happiness as the next person. And I know I am a hard worker. I go after what I want and make it happen. I am tough. I am strong. I have faith that I can do any number of things.

But my lack of faith in the Universe being an entity that could and would dish out miracles to me was rooted in fear. Fear of what would happen if I had faith and the Universe didn’t actually operate that way? Or didn’t come through? What would that mean for my beliefs? What would that mean for my life?

So I started with small steps, because that is a huge and scary rabbit hole to fall down! I mean my whole belief system could have fallen apart!

The first step is to always recognize the problem. The Problem: I was struggling with my faith but also to ask myself why this was such a hard thing for me to do. And that lead to the realization above, that there was fear.

Step Two for me was to briefly explore what would happen if the Universe didn’t actually operate that way or didn’t come through? Maybe it wouldn’t be as scary as I thought. Well it was kind of still scary. Mainly because I built my whole life around my spiritual beliefs in some ways. From getting through depression and anxiety, to giving more meaning to the things I do, and building my business around it. There would be a lot I would have to rethink. This is definitely not something I recommend without having someone there to talk you back through it or help you out. It could have been too easy for me to get sucked into despair if I didn’t have my training and I didn’t have my husband there to help me through it!

The Third Step was then to look at time I have had faith in something or to look at things I do have faith in. Maybe I didn’t have as much difficulty with faith as I thought I did. And it was something much less world shattering as Step Two. And there were! There were times when I have had faith. As I mentioned earlier, I have faith that things will come through for other people. I can immediately feel the vibe of “It is yours! It is coming! You are going to get a miracle!” But I also have faith in the visions and messages I receive. I have faith in my intuition.

Step Four was to dig a bit deeper. What made situations in which I had faith different than having faith that the Universe would come through for me? Or that it was okay to have faith in the Universe for myself? The difference was that I had seen it. I had seen things work out for other people. I had seen my visions and messages and intuition come through and seen their relevance to the world around me. I had confirmation.

This is the key step! So my next logical step, Step Five, was to ask for a sign. I asked the Universe to show me it has my back by sending me a sign. Now, I didn’t ask just for any old sign, because I was worried about confirmation bias and I was worried I would miss the sign. No, I asked for something very specific. I asked the Universe to show me an all white cat. It could have been a picture, an actual cat, a drawing, a painting, a video. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was that it was an all white cat. My job is the What. The Universe’s job is the How.

The next day, I received message after message. Gabby Bernstein had a Facebook Live talk about her latest book, The Universe has Your Back. A client came back, telling me they wanted another Reiki session. All very good signs I was on the right track, but they were not the all white cat I had asked for. And I had almost missed it. But I saw my all white cat at 1pm. A set of Sailor Moon make-up highlighters had been released. I had reblogged them earlier in the day, not even processing who was on the artwork. It was Artemis, an all white cat. That is how a cat helped me to trust in the Universe.

So now, whenever my faith starts to waiver, I ask the Universe for a sign. And I totally recommend doing the same if you happen to feel the same.

Have you ever asked for a sign before? How did it go? I want to hear your story in a comment below!

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