What is Intuition?

What is intuition? What is this sixth sense? It is this sense, this ability to know that we all have. But that doesn’t capture all of it. So let’s dive in!

What is Intuition

What is intuition?⠀

Intuition is that sixth sense. That knowing that happens without there being a logical/brain aspect to it. You just know. It just hits you. ⠀

For me, it is expanding and activating of my heart. It is expansive love and compassion channeling guidance and wisdom.⠀

For others, it is a gut feeling. It is just there, without any other reason for it. It is like their instincts, but leveled up. ⠀

But no matter how you experience it, it is a tool that you have. It is something you can do, just because you are you. We all have it. We can choose to listen to it and strengthen that connection, or we can choose not to.⠀

But your intuition will always be there.⠀

For example, it can be helpful in everyday, mundane situations – which route is best to take home, which project to start next, when to best contact someone, etc.

But for me, intuition is also at the foundation of my whole spiritual experience.

Intuition and Other Stuff

In tarot and card reading, intuition adds depth and nuance. In Reiki sessions, intuition allows me to see energy, past lives, reincarnations, and the future. When coaching, it helps me to ask the right questions, pick up the right tools, and guide the session. Intuition had opened me up for channeling divine messages and information. It helps me to hear and communicate with guiding spirits.

In one particular Reiki session, I saw my client being ushered through the reincarnation process that put them here on Earth. They were being guided by a particular deity and jumping out of the mystical realm they were in, towards Earth through outer space. Without having spent time on developing my intuition, I would not have seen this and not been able to relay it to the client.

Without my intuition, I wouldn’t have the experiences I do. It pervades every mystical and spiritual thing I do. And it had been so amazing!


Are you connected to your intuition? Do you want to learn more about your intuition? Let’s talk intuition in the comments below!


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  1. Mags says:

    I tend to have gut feelings about situations. I can pick up on tension in/among people, even when they deny it. People would say I was being paranoid, but then I’d turn out to be right. This accusation of paranoia made me doubt my intuition, but I’m slowly learning to trust it again.

    1. I’m so glad you are learning to trust it again! Your experiences are so common. It can be difficult to sort through all of those limiting beliefs placed on one’s self. I’m so happy for your that you are doing that work though!

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