Galactic Guiding Spirit – “Yes, You Have One” a Channeled Message

Galactic Guiding Spirit – “Yes, You Have One” a Channeled Message

Galactic Guiding Spirit channeled message

Starting in the late Summer, curiosity crept in around things called starseeds and galactic entities.  I had seen more and more people claiming it. More and more people talking about it. So what did it all mean?

Well, starseeds are people with past lives in places other than on Earth. Typically they are seen as having been on other planets or in other galaxies, but there is some cross over with past lives on other planes/in other realms. This brings with it the possibility of other galactic entities and beings, notably, guiding spirits that if reincarnated on Earth and were living here at this very moment, would be considered starseeds.

With many spiritual things, interest tends to denote a connection. And because I was interested in learning more, what did this mean?

Well, the best way to find out was to speak with my divine self.

I reach out to my divine self. “I’ve been listening and reading up on starseeds lately. So, I wonder if I am one or if I have any guiding spirits from other planets/galaxies/etc.”

“Of course you do. Everyone does. They are here/there to impart their wisdom/experiences. Just as we are all here.”

That only answered one part to my question. “So am I?”

I don’t receive a discernible answer. Instead I just receive “We have all lived many lives.”

I realize I am not going to receive a straight forward answer at this moment. “Well, okay. Who are my galactic guiding spirits then? … Is (the white lady) one?”

She says a name that I am unsure if I received correctly. “Yes.”

“Where does she come from? May I speak with her?

“It is difficult.” And thus easier to do under the conditions in which I usually meet with (the white lady).

We explore how I can make it easier to connect with (the white lady), what steps I need to take. My Divine Self shows me how to reach through my energy to this guiding spirit. I attempt the technique but I am only able to connect for a moment. Time to do those steps.

So, why am I sharing this with all of you? Well, because I am scared to. It is out there and strange and thus, something most people will likely judge me for. But there is also the possibility that sharing my soul and my experiences will help you. And that is worth it.


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