Vision Boards: Creation and Magic

Vision Board Creation and Magic

Super Easy Way to Make a Digital Vision Board: USE PINTEREST!

Here is a link to mine:

All you have to do is go onto pinterest, and start pinning things that feel good to a new board.

On mine I have clothes that make me feel good. Locations. Pictures of water, the ocean. Money. Quotes. A car.

If you have the app, it is easy just to scroll through the board and see all the things that make you feel good. That you want to bring into your life. You have your phone with you probably nearly all the time! So you have your board with you probably nearly all the time!

If you set a goal for the year, a resolution, then you can include things that remind you of that, or of completing your resolution to your board for added focus!

Here is how I put my digital vision board together, and an intro so some proactive things, some magic things you can do with your vision board.

After you’ve got your vision board created – digital or physical, there are so many things that you can do with it besides hanging it up on a wall or placing it as a computer background.

You can do PROACTIVE things to bring the intentions of the board into your life more quickly.

So what am I talking about?

Doing some energy work of course!

You are divine energy. You can do so much with that energy moving through you. With your own magic.

Here are a few ideas:

>> Build up energy through dance, meditation, chanting, etc. and pour that energy into your vision board.

>> If you have a digital vision board, print it out. Lay out the board and then put crystals on top of it that align with your intention and create a crystal grid. (You can learn the different associations of crystals and how to make a grid with my Next Level Crystal Working e-booklet:

>> You can place a candle in a candle holder on top of your vision board to charge your board – Always be safe with fire!

>> You can charge your vision board under the sun or the moon. Good days for sun charging would be the Summer Solstice, Vernal Equinox, or first day of planting whenever that may be in your location. For the moon, good charging times would be the day after the New Moon and into the Full Moon as New Moons are about new beginnings and the moon is associated with growth as it fills up to the Full Moon. The Full Moon can also be a good day as it is said to be brimming with energy and associated with completion.

>> If you are reiki trained, you can infuse your vision board with reiki. Or if you know someone who does reiki, you can see if they would be interested in scheduling a reiki session to imbue your vision board with that divine energy.


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