Over the last few years, I’ve been working with and observing entrepreneurs. And a pattern seems to have emerged in our businesses.

The shifting, shifting, shifting while learning all the things eventually becomes wholly embodying who we are and what we do while making income and impact.

While everyone is different and things come up at different times for all of us, these patterns can be categorized into three stages.

The 3 Stages.

– Creation.
– Building.
– Expanding. (Also sometimes Expansion.)

Each stage is marked by different goals and energetic focuses. Thus, there are also specific things that we can do at each stage to optimize our growth and leverage the energies. This makes it important to understand the three energetic stages.

The Creation Stage.

This is the first stage, and as you can probably tell from the title, this stage is marked by the creation of your business. However – it also encompasses the time before the actual creation of your business as you are thinking about it, and the time after you have created your business and you are learning all the things.

The Building Stage.

Let me tell you, these are all aptly named – because the Building Stage, is exactly that – building. It is the energetic time in our businesses when we are embodying more and more of the energies we are holding. We are building upon the, hopefully strong, foundation we have laid. And if it isn’t we will find out.

The Expanding Stage.

Sometimes I also call this the Expansion stage – but it is really the same thing. The focus of the business is instead of vertical energetic growth, it becomes horizontal growth. What that really means is holding space for larger and larger groups of people. The focus shifts to impact – which may include behind the scenes things that are not just your mission statement.

The Livestream Series.

We’ll be getting into each of these three stages more during the livestream series from March 16th through 18th. Which, you are invited to come join!

Other things we’ll go over during the livestream include:
– What each of the 3 stages are and how to identify them
– What kinds of things go down during each stage
– How to best navigate each state
– What to focus on to create a solid foundation for the next stage
– Things you can start doing RIGHT NOW to boost your biz for the stage you are at
– How Biz Magic Reiki fits into all of this

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