3 Journaling Exercises for Growing Your Intuition

Love journaling? Growing your intuition? We’ve got 3 journaling exercises for growing your intuition!

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Journaling Exercises for Growing Your Intuition

We’ve said it before, and we are saying it again. Your intuition is one of your greatest tools. It is your internal gps. When you come to forks in the road, it can guide you in which one to take. When all the strategies feel overwhelming, and you don’t know which one to pick – your intuition knows. Can you feel it?

Let’s grow that muscle.

1. Ask Questions

The first of our recommended journaling exercises is to ask yourself questions. Write out the question. Then notice what comes up. Write what comes to mind – words, images, etc. Write what body sensations or emotions you feel.

Do this with 2-3 questions. You can do more or less depending on how you are feeling. If you are having a particularly rough day – then don’t worry about it. Or maybe just do one. If you are feeling still fairly connected after the 2 or 3 questions, try another one. Or don’t. It is all up to you!

But this is one that I use to work through decisions and choices.

If you prefer a more direct approach, then you may like the next exercise a bit more!

2. Write to your intuition

Do this just like you would write a friend in direct or private messages. Then respond as your intuition! Something like this –

You: “Hey intuition! I’m thinking of what to promote next.”
Your intuition: “Alright! What are you thinking?”
You: “I’m thinking of my 1:1 coaching! What do you think?”
Your Intuition: “What if you did it like this … “

This can feel a little silly at times, so make sure you are writing this in a space where you feel safe. (Especially for those of us who get a little self conscious.)

Are you a card reader? You may like this next exercise, or already be doing it without realizing it also helps your intuition!

3. Draw a card

Got a tarot or oracle card deck? Then draw a card! Journal on what your intuition tells you about the card, situation, etc. Sometimes the card serves as a helpful jump start for our intuition when it is feeling a little stuck.

Keep Going

No matter what you do – the important thing is to keep connecting. Keep using your intuition. Continue applying it and seeing how the results turn out. Keep untangling all the signals you get at any given time and find your intuition in there.

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Which of the 3 journaling exercises for growing your intuition is your favorite?

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