3 Things to Consider when Nourishing Yourself

Nourishing ourselves can encompass so many things!! And it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. So here are 3 things to consider when nourishing yourself.

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3 Things to Consider when Nourishing Yourself

In a previous post, we discussed what nourishing is. But let’s review real quick.

Nourishing isn’t just supplying with what is necessary. It is also promoting a feeling of support and comfort. It is also sustaining us in order to thrive, not just survive.

Nourishing is about supplying ourselves with what is necessary to not only survive but to thrive.

So when we are doing this, what do we need to consider?

Our Suggested 3 Things to Consider when Nourishing Yourself

1. What needs do you need filled?

They are called needs for a reason. Many of them we need for survival, but also for optimal functioning. This includes – eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom, and hydration. When we aren’t able to fill these needs, or when we push them off, we can become irritable.

But there are also needs that may not be as apparent – such as positive human interaction, touch, connection, freedom to make choices, quiet and/or noise, and more. However, when we spend time considering what we desire, what we seek, etc., we can distill many things, if not most, down to needs. With these less apparent ones, we can also become irritable when we are unable to fill them.

We may become moody, quick to become frustrated or angry, unable to focus or think. We may have difficulty understanding situations or navigating the world around us.

Basically, by not filling our needs, it becomes more difficult to do anything. That’s why this is the first thing to consider.

2. What do you have available to you?

Second, consider what you have access to or what you have available to you. This really just helps to determine how you are going to fill that need.

Sometimes, this step is done quickly in our brains in such a way that we don’t realize we are computing it. Are you at home and readily able to grab a snack? You may go to where you keep your snacks with little thinking, and decide what you want to eat.

Other times, it is much more in our awareness. Are you at the office or a co-working space and didn’t bring food with you? Are you going to go home? Are you going to the vending machine if there is one? Are you ordering out? And if so, are you getting delivery or pick up? There is much more to consider here. However, depending on your brain, these situations may take different amounts of consideration.

If we look at the 3 Nourishing Activities we tend to recommend – filling your needs, doing nothing, and meditating – each may require different things for you. You may want music for meditating, but you aren’t in a space where you can meditate, instead, you may choose to give yourself permission to do nothing for a little bit. So, looking at what you have available to you is an important step.

3. Are you pressuring yourself?

Now, some amount of pressure can be motivating. But pressure can also come at a cost. We become stressed, and if there is too much pressure, we can even shut down through ways like procrastinating, avoiding, etc.

And because we may not always be aware that there is pressure, such as was recognized in the Recognize Yourself challenge, it is important to check in.

Here are some ways that you could be pressuring yourself –

– getting a certain amount of things done first

– to only fill “basic” needs

– that you “shouldn’t” need to

– that nourishing yourself has to look a certain way

If you have taken inventory and you realize that you are feeling pressure, then allow yourself to let it go. Breathe. Feel it. Move through it. Be okay with your needs and nourishing yourself not looking like it “should” or maybe even what you want it to look like.

And this actually touches on reprogramming – so if you want a refresher on address it, click here!

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