3 ways to bring yourself back to the present moment

Anxiety keeps us in our mind and drains our energy – here are 3 ways to bring yourself back to the present moment and regain control of your energy.

3 ways to bring yourself back to the present moment

3 ways to bring yourself back to the present moment

If you have anxiety, you know how draining it can be.

You are irritable. Tired. On edge. Maybe even curt or short with people you love. On the verge of tears. Living in the future, worrying about and planning about the future.

Emotionally, energetically, spiritually – you are drained.

And for me at least, that means I have less energy for things that I actually want to do. Like spend time with loved ones. Meditate. Go out. Show up in my business.

So how do we care for our energy when dealing with anxiety? We bring ourselves back to the present.

Below is a list of 3 ways to bring yourself back to the present moment. All of them focus on awareness. When we get stuck in our heads, it is helpful to redirect our awareness from within the mind, to outside of the mind.

Notice your Environment

In this method, bring your awareness to your environment. Experience it with your senses. See. Hear. Touch. Smell. And maybe even taste. Don’t hold onto any one thing. Notice the trees are green, then maybe how the sun plays through their leaves. Then the bushes or grass.

This method is not recommended if your environment is a particularly stressful one. While it may help you get out of your mind, it may not reduce anxiety feelings or it may even increase them. So if you are in a stressful environment, then maybe try one of the other methods instead!


In this next method, you are bringing your awareness to your breath. Focus on the air filling your lungs, on the air moving out of your lungs, how your body moves in this process, your chest rises or falls, your nostrils move or the air crossing your lips.

You can take this a step further and begin elongating and deepening your inhale and exhale. When we are experiencing anxiety, our sympathetic nervous system activates and our breath shortens. By elongating and deepening our breathing, we can deactivate that system and begin to relax.

Feel your Body

Woo! Method number 3 in 3 ways to bring yourself back to the present moment!

In this method, you are bringing awareness to your body. So while it says “feel your body,” you will actually be focusing on the sensations you are feeling with your body. You may be feeling the hardness of a seat beneath you, the ground under your feet. Or if you are like me and tend to sit on your feet, your feet may be going numb and you are feeling the tingling sensations of this instead! lol.

Give it a try!

Pick a method and give it a try right now! Then make it a habit! It’ll make it easier to remember next time you are experiencing anxiety.

And tell me about your experience in the comments below!

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