5 Ways to Begin Reclaiming Your Power

We have so much power. But oftentimes we forget, don’t recognize, or give it away. So let’s begin reclaiming your power. Here are 5 ways you can start!

You’ve heard me say it – You are so powerful!

But often times, we are told differently. And as a result, we forget our power. We tuck it away.

Especially, if you are someone that society says shouldn’t have power. Shouldn’t take up space. Shouldn’t be heard. Shouldn’t be seen. Shouldn’t want or desire.

So we begin to judge ourselves for these things. We hide them away out of fear. Because if you in anyway step outside of the boundaries provided, then you are punished, shamed, attacked.

But now is the time for change.

And so many of us are stepping up. Speaking out. And making our voices heard.

Now is the time of revolution.
Of reclaiming our power.

And we start with owning all of who we are.

Here is the deal:

That piece of yourself, that you are judging yourself for – that you are tossing away – that you are hiding out of fear – OWN IT!

Be spoiled. Be caring. Be bougie. Be silly. Be weird. Be loud. Be sensitive. Be quiet. Be thoughtful. Be intelligent. Be questioning.

Own that piece of you.

The moment you own it, it begins to have less power over you. And the less power other people have over you when they try to judge you for it.

And I’ll call myself out here too.

There are definitely things that I don’t own about myself.But I can see where I have grown from accepting pieces of myself.

I love watching cartoons and kid’s shows like Steven Universe and the She-Ra reboot. I bought Spyro: Reignited. Watching cartoons and playing video games were things I was made to feel shame about as I grew up. But now I own these things.

And I’m working on owning the pieces of me that also likes sexy clothes. And that wants to fly first class.

All of these pieces of ourselves are also pieces of our Magic Lives. Because they are the pieces of us that are in our hearts, hidden underneath all of the should’s and supposed to’s.

And the world needs us to reclaim these things. To reclaim our power.

So let’s begin to own all of who we are.

First, figure out what you are giving your power away to. What is it that you keep pushing away? That you try to hide from other people? Identify it, then you can begin reclaiming it.

  1. Journal. Journaling can be used to identify what we are hiding away, and working through it. So the what, the why, and the reframe.
  2. Meditation. After separating a piece of ourselves from us for so long, it can be helpful to integrate it back in. And that is where mediation can come in handy! Specifically, guiding yourself through that process.
  3. Boundaries. It can be important to set boundaries with people as you are reclaiming something. Let them know that you will not listen to their shaming or their judgement about the thing.
  4. Talk about it. Seriously. Start talking about this piece of you. Talking about it brings it out of whatever box you put it in and furniture you hid it under. Bring it out!
  5. Own it! Start using it to describe yourself. Take away the power.

Some of the things on this list, you may find you like, others you don’t. Everyone is different, and everyone’s circumstances are different. So try things out! See what works best for you!

Begin to reclaim your power!

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