~ ShelbyMelissa ~
Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Jewelry Artist, and More

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My compassion and drive to watch others grow comes from my own struggles. In high school, I struggled with major depression. It was the single worst episode of my life. The funny thing about depression is that it just sucks all the fun and vibrancy from life. Once I hit bottom, it was a long struggle to get back out.

While learning to love life without the crushing weight of depression 24/7, I struggled to find a spiritual path that fulfilled me personally. It was the one thing left for me to regain. Throughout my college career, both undergrad and graduate, I explored different religious traditions and struck out on my own spiritual path.

Through this exploration, I have rekindled a love for and discovered different tools to incorporate into my spiritual life. These include (you guessed it!): tarot, reiki, and crystals. These bring compassion and joy into my spiritual life and the changes I make. Spirit Centered Awakenings was born out of my eagerness to share my findings with others.

Life is always full of change and growth. And I hope to continue assisting others in facilitating their own growth through tarot, reiki, crystals, and whatever else I incorporate into my own tool box.

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