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I am Shelby Melissa – a Spiritual Coach, Master of Social Work graduate, and Intuition Queen.

It is my calling and life purpose to help people (like you!) remember and rediscover their intuition, magic, and divinity. This means helping you to get more grounded, connected, and confident in your own power so you can take control and live the life you want while being authentically and truly you.

No more hiding.

Just you living your brightest life.


In my life, I have continuously been challenged to live my most authentic and true life. Continuously called to remember who I am: intuitive, magical, and divine. And each time I have strayed away, something has always brought me back.

As a child, I loved the world of magic I found in books, especially Harry Potter. There was such joy for me in leaving out treats for faeries to see if I could catch a glimpse of one.

In 2002 or 2003, at the age of 12/13, I dove head first into the magic found in Neo-Wiccan and Neo-Pagan books. I learned how to perform rituals and connect to deities. Then in 2004, I was gifted my first tarot deck and began to learn about divination.

I was learning about my own intuition, magic, and divinity, but then I went through a very difficult bout of depression and was determined to heal. I focused on going to therapy appointments and taking medicine to help me manage the mental illness, sparking that fire to help others get through the same difficult times.

But during this time, I was also vulnerable and began to find increased meaning in who I was dating. the heightened feelings of having a crush hooked right into me. I ended up in some not so great relationships between the ages of 14 and 22 resulting in increased levels of near daily anxiety.

Magic and intuition was there for me, but I wasn’t living authentically or being true to myself. I wasn’t honoring my own divine self.

In 2013, before I turned 23, I finally had enough and was able to leave an emotionally abusive relationship after 4 1/2 years. I pretty much immediately started dating my husband, and he gave me the support and space I needed to begin healing and rediscover myself.

But then I detoured to grad school, and while it was a wonderful learning experience, it wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing. Graduation brought depression back into my life and my anxiety was at an all time high at the age of 25.

It was during this period that I finally connected fully into my whole self, my divine self I could see the divine energy that connects us all. I could see the magic in others and I knew they all had the gift of intuition.

I finally understood: all of us are intuitive, magical, and divine.

Then moving in 2017 to Oklahoma with my wonderful, supportive husband gave me the opportunity and space to really find out what being intuitive, magical, and divine meant for me.

It means:

  • I am here to help others to do the same – remember and rediscover their intuition, their magic, and their divinity.
  • I am here to live fully in my power and to live authentically – that means no hiding and no shame.
  • And raising us all up to the same level, amplifying the voices of other people, because we are all equal.


I am divine. I am intuitive. I am magic.

And so are you.

So no more hiding. And no more shame. Let’s step into our power together.