Feeling stuck?
Money goals feeling unreachable?
Need reminding that you are a boss bitch?

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You have a vision. A big one.

But like with anything else, you experience bumps in the road. Somedays are easier. Other days are like crater-sized potholes that fling your soul from your body for a moment.
(If you’ve ever driven in Michigan, you’ve hit one of these.)

All of that is normal.

But you don’t always have the time to dig in and recalibrate.

It needs to be quick and powerful. But also compassionate and humane.

A wake up slap, is still a slap.
And tough love, only serves to create more resistance.

The affirmations and reminders in this booklet will uplift you while gently realigning your mind and energy.

Affirmations + Reminders for Boss Bitches (like you)

106 affirmations and reminders from my journal to your's.

The booklet covers topics such as:

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