Are You Standing in the Way of Your Intuition?

Are you standing in the way of your intuition? Sometimes things within ourselves can block our intuition, and we end up standing in our own way – whether we realize it or not. Our beliefs are like that. They can go unnoticed and limit us. So let’s dive into some limiting beliefs that you may be dealing with – and how to reframe them!

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Are you standing in the way of your intuition?

I definitely stood in my way – and I would guess that you probably do too. But not because you want to or mean to. Let me explain.

Society gives us beliefs about the world. We pick them up through media, friends, school, parents, etc. including beliefs about intuition. These limiting beliefs are really what is standing in the way of your intuition. They are false beliefs ingrained thoughts about ourselves or the world that keep us constrained and small. They keep us from hearing and feeling our intuitive connection.

You can learn more about limiting beliefs and why it is important to reprogram them in another SM Living post, aptly titled “Why is reprogramming thoughts and beliefs important?”

Knowing about them is important, but so is reprogramming them! Let’s move into breaking down how to reframe some common limiting beliefs standing in the way of your intuition.

Smashing some limiting beliefs.

Here are three common limiting beliefs that you may have been told.

“I am not intuitive.”

This is baloney. Everyone has it. Everyone is intuitive. With time and effort, your intuition can grow. You can deepen that connection. With time and effort, it will come more easily to you. But no matter if you pursue that connection or not, you still have the ability. You are still intuitive. I don’t know what to tell you.

“Only special people can be intuitive.”

See above. Everyone is intuitive. And who told you that you aren’t special?

(If you are like my husband, you can alternatively reframe this as – yeah, you aren’t special, but neither is anyone else.” He’s a funny guy.)

“Intuition isn’t useful.”

Who told you that? It is totally useful! Not only have I learned things through trusting my intuitive connection, (figuring out a client has anxiety or has been sick), but I’ve also greatly improved my life by following this in making friends and securing housing for my husband and myself after our plans fell through at the last minute. It is so useful!

You can see how these limiting beliefs could keep someone from building a deeper connection with their intuition. If I believe I’m not intuitive or that it isn’t useful, I’m likely not to try very hard, even if I’m not consciously aware I hold those limiting beliefs. So, let’s get rid of them!

How to reframe limiting beliefs

You may be catching on as to how to do just that. But here is a step by step outline!

Step 1: Identify the limiting belief or myth.

Step 2: Know it is not true, a lie, etc.

Step 3: Identify a more true thought or belief.

And that’s it!

Do you hold limiting beliefs like the ones mentioned above? What other limiting beliefs do you think could be holding you, or could hold someone else, back from having a deeper intuitive connection?

Let me know in the comments below!

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