Who said your year couldn't be bangin' AF?

Because, let’s be honest for a moment.
You have things to do. Goals to achieve.
And a life to LIVE!

Does this sound familiar?

Another year has passed and everyone is setting New Year’s Resolutions. They’re thinking about what they want from the new year. They excitedly ask you what resolutions you are making.

You aren’t sure how to answer.

You’ve been setting resolutions, but you and everyone else seem to forget them or give up before February. This has left you feeling frustrated and discouraged. You wonder, “Why would this year be any different? Why set any goals anyways?” So, you give them a half-assed answer.

Does that sound familiar? Only 4% of people surveyed by Statistica report that they kept all their New Year’s Resolutions. Ugh, right?

Fuck 4%.


So how do you change that? How do you keep your goals AND achieve them?

The Bangin' New Year's Bundle is how.

In 2020 – yes THAT 2020 – my business, really had it’s best year yet.
Let’s break it down.

And, despite not being able to travel,
I did check off some of the other things from my vision board.
(Hello new iPhone!)

2021 Update:

2022 Update:

Let me share with you how I did it.

The Bangin’ New Year’s Bundle was created with one very clear intention:

To be the catalyst for your success, not only this year but every year.

It’s in everything – every video you receive, every homework prompt, every piece of magic.

And these are the steps that I take to achieve my goals.


In Reflecting and Releasing, you will be looking back over this previous year and clearing away what no longer serves you. Give yourself space while you are working on this one and make sure to nourish yourself! Drink water! Take naps! Clearing things out creates space for welcoming new things into your energy and life while reflecting aids in refining what is already present.

The Gettin’ Clear and Settin’ Goals video and homework begin that process for welcoming in the new. You are intentionally and purposefully deciding what it is you want to create in the new year.
The bonus video, Creating Goals for Success, supplements your goal planning that way your goals are optimized! There is no one right way to set your goals, but we can set them in ways that better helps us achieve them! This bonus video will help you do that. But that isn’t the only bonus video that will help you out here.
I’ve also included the Ideal Schedule Walkthrough (and calendar) so that you can play with what feels good work-wise for you in the new year! Then of course there is also the Clarity Journal for helping you to get clear if you feel like you are getting stuck.


Sometimes though, things come up. And specifically, things within us. Fears. Doubts. Limiting beliefs. Stories we’ve been told. Etc. We’re human. It happens. But I’m not going to leave you hanging or trying to navigate through this alone. The third video, Getting Out of Your Way addresses these things so you aren’t getting stopped up along your path.


Now, this obviously wouldn’t be complete without some magic! In Goal Magic: Magic for Achieving Your Goals, you are learning, and then doing, just that! You’ll learn about a couple different ways to apply some magic to your new year planning, and then you’ll be asked to implement and try a couple out – or design and implement your own magic!


The last video of the Make it Magic video series is the Vision Board Party. You’ll get the replay from 2018, but this is special time for you to create your vision board and work a little magic with it! (Which is discussed within the party video!) The bonus video, Vision Boarding – How to Create Your Own Vision Board is helpful if you aren’t sure how you want to tackle the creation of your vision board.


All of this allows you to –

– basically make clear progress towards your goals and achieve them, whatever they are – be it business goals or life goals, be it eating more sushi or serving more clients. In that respect, what the benefits are, are up to you!

Are you ready for a miraculous new year?

Create your Bangin’
New Year!


$247  $97

– The 5 video New Year: Make it Magic Video Series
– Homework, actionables, and implementation pieces for each video.
– Bonus: 3 additional trainings on Creating Goals for Success, Creating a Vision Board, and using your Ideal Schedule to aid in planning
– Bonus: The Clarity Journal

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Hey! It's me, Shelby!

I believe we have the power to create change – within ourselves and in the world.

Because I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it.
As a Masters of Social Work student, I saw the differences that we can make when we come together. I saw Recovery Coaches giving back and helping others. I saw people volunteering for organizations that made a difference in their lives. And I saw a social worker become the Mayor.

This change, is nothing new. This is who we are as humans.

After graduation, I struggled. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was burnt out. I hadn’t given myself a strong foundation for making and creating change. Because, although I was learning and reprogramming, I hadn’t been nourishing myself.

I saw the changes we made in the world, but I had to focus on making change within myself.
And I did.

I went from burnt out to creating and running a business.

I know you can do the same. I know you can make changes within yourself. That you can deprogram, nourish, and THRIVE! Not just in life, but in business and in your vision as well!

Got some Q's? We got some answers!

Take a moment, tune into your heart, and ask yourself if this is right for you at this time. Or try asking a pendulum. But ultimately, it is up to you to take the step. But if you do buy the bundle, you will get takeaways that you can implement into your life and your business.

This content is geared towards business owners. But if you don’t have a business or you aren’t looking to create one, the framework is the same for any goals you have. So I think you will still find benefit in it.

Of course! Feel free to email us at contact@shelbymelissa.com!