Banging New Year's Magic Bundle

Let’s be honest for a moment.
You have things to do. Goals to achieve.
Limits and barriers to smash.
And setting New Year’s Resolutions just isn’t cutting it.
Your New Year’s needs some more magic.
Because you are ready to do this.
If you don’t know me, I’m Shelby Melissa.
I am a spiritual coach for people of all genders, an intuition queen, an energy goddess, and an online guide to people all over the world for reclaiming themselves.
I teach people to own their power and create their magic lives.
Remember those things you are here to do? Those goals you are here to achieve? The limits and barriers you are here to smash?
I am releasing the Banging New Year’s Magic Bundle so you can do those things.
This bundle has one very clear intention:
 To be the catalyst for your success, not only this year but every year.
The New Year Make it Magic Video Series:
 Reflecting and Releasing
 Gettin’ Clear and Settin’ Goals
 Getting Out of Your Way
 Goal Magic: Magic for Achieving Your Goals
 The Vision Board Party
These videos walk you through the process of moving from one year to the next, setting goals, and then giving your efforts a magical boost.
Bonus Trainings:
Creating Goals for Success
Vision Boarding – How to Create Your Own Vision Board
Ideal Schedule Walkthrough – For Goal Setting
These videos act as supports for the New Year Make it Magic Video Series. They elaborate on ideas and give you extra tools to use as you are working your magic.
PLUS! You get:
Homework for each video
The Ideal Schedule Calendar
 The That Magic Life – Clarity Journal
 Further, new videos and updates get added all the time at no additional cost to you!
It has always been on my heart to help people.
So, I decided to be a Clinical Psychologist. Then realized it wasn’t a big enough, direct impact. Then, I decided to go into Social Work to do therapy AND create social change. But repeatedly putting out fires created by a system meant to keep creating those fires as a barrier to change, burnt me out.
Now, I’m an entrepreneur. A spiritual coach. A sort of online guide to revealing the map.
I still want to help people.
But now, it’s my desire to act as a launching pad for the changes and impacts you are going to make.
I want to give you every tool that has helped me. That has been a catalyst for my work each year.
And that’s exactly what this bundle is.

The price of the Banging New Year’s Magic Bundle with over 237 minutes of video content, plus activities, is…
… but now through 01/06 at 11:59 pm CST I am having a sale!
This bundle includes videos and tools to guide you in:
  Letting go
  Using past experiences to your benefit
  Digging through the shoulds and supposed tos
  Realizing what is really on your heart
  Breaking down your big vision into actionable steps
  Taking action on what you can control
  Using magic to boost your efforts
  Creating a vision board
  Supercharging your vision board
  Creating a crystal grid
  Looking at your goals with different tools
Special price available until 01/05 at 11:59 pm Central Time.

*After payment, you will receive an email with details on accessing your bundle. If you are having any troubles doing so, please email us at