Are you feeling battered by the storm?
Feeling out of control or unsure how you'll get through?

Wouldn't you rather be feeling secure and in control?

Wouldn’t you rather feel like you can handle what is being thrown at you? Feel in your power? Feel confident?

I want you to know that the tools are all there for you to get through this. (And the next thing, and the thing after that, and the thing after that.) Even when you are thrown off, you can get back on your feet and realign yourself.

You can be centered while in the storm.

You can feel confident in yourself and your abilities,
even when life is trying to pelt you with lemons.

And it just so happens that I’ve got six energy tools for feeling confident, centered, and in your power – despite whatever may be happening around you, or whatever storm is passing through your life.

That’s what Be Centered is all about.

Hey! I’m Shelby Melissa – energy mentor, MSW grad, and Reiki Master. Some people call me an energy goddess – but honestly, I’m no different than you. I’ve simply spent time cultivating my energy, working on deprogramming and reprogramming what I’ve been taught, and learning.
In 2016, I was going through quite the personal storm. I had just graduated with my MSW and burnt myself out. Applying to jobs in my field at $15/hour, no benefits, would leave me crying on the floor. I didn’t have any energy left, and those jobs weren’t going to provide me with enough of an energetic exchange to even get me back on my feet. On top of that, I was planning my wedding.
So instead, I used the 6 months of student loan deferment to tend to myself. (And do a lot of playing the Sims and Stardew Valley.) But I also took the time to learn, dive into myself, cultivate new tools and habits. The wisdom and tools I gained to find security and confidence during that storm are the same ones that I use as an entrepreneur. Because we know that this road comes with a lot of potholes (the “oh shit!” and pray you didn’t break something kind).
These are the energy tools I am sharing with you in Be Centered.

Over the 6 days of Be Centered ...

You’ll be nourishing and reprogramming your energy. You’ll be unearthing and uncovering your power to be centered during the storm, or return to center after that pothole throws you off. This power is within you. You’re reclaiming it. And it will look like this:

Day One -
Fill Your Needs.

If you play the Sims, you’ll get this. But we all have needs. Hunger. Sleep. Connection. And we tend to put these off. But we need to start with refilling your cup.

Day Two -
Permission to do Nothing.

You’ve been trying to do too much for too long. Here is your permission slip to take a break. (Seriously, I’ll sign one and everything if you need it.)

Day Three -

That’s right – you are going to be asked to sit with yourself and get in tune with your needs, and creating space to do well, nothing.

Day Four -

We aren’t going through this without deprogramming and reprogramming the thoughts and beliefs society has given us. They underlie all the other pressures you’ve been feeling.

Day Five -

Oh yes. We are journaling. And I’ve got some questions to assist you in digging into those thoughts and beliefs. Uproot them from, well, the roots.

Day Six -

I’m bringing you how I use EFT, also known as tapping, to aid in reframing, because sometimes the thoughts and beliefs are tricky. Give those extra sticky programs a swift kick in the booty.

Then we’ll close this guide with one last day to review all that you have accomplished! And invite you to keep going, keep applying, and take that next step.

This isn't a pdf.

This guide, is a bit more of a mini course. The content is dripped to you and housed in our members dashboard rather than given to you all at once in a pdf like an ebook.

The guide is set up this way to give you time each day to integrate and try the tool out before moving onto the next one. Each deserves this space and recognition. This isn’t a speed-run sort of thing. We really want you to be intentional with in absorbing the content as it guides you through nourishing and reprogramming.


Are you ready to feel more confident, centered, and in your power?

You are invited to Be Centered!


 – 6 days of energy tools
– Guiding and application on how to use them
– Feel more secure and centered
– Find the power to be centered in the storm

Your Q's Answered

Yes! Once you purchase, you’ll get immediate access to Day One’s content. Then everyday for 5 days after that, you’ll get new content. On the 7th day, there will be a review and next steps – but not any new tools to learn.

The goal of Be Centered is to make it as affordable to as many people as possible. Things are difficult in the world right now, and so budgets are tight. In order to keep the price so low, there isn’t any access to Shelby included. However, you are welcome to join the free That Magic Life Facebook Group – Shelby is in the group and able to answer questions and celebrate your accomplishments with you! Click here to join the group!

Due to the nature of this offer, refunds are not available.

If you have another question that isn’t answered here or on the page, please feel free to email us at