Become a

Money Rebel

a FREE challenge for breaking the money rules keeping you restricted and limited

Freedom requires a new paradigm.

The way you’ve been given doesn’t work for you.

Hustling. Sacrificing your health. Masking. 

In fact, it was never meant to.

The patriarchal, oppressive system never meant to give people like you and me resources, freedom, money.

It is time for a rebellion.

Your Rebellion.

This is the start of a journey of discovery, healing, deprogramming, releasing, and choosing freedom over and over again.

Freedom for you. For me. For everyone like you and I.

Tap into your heart and soul – are you ready to choose restoration, release, and rebellion? To choose a relationship with money based in freedom?

Join the rebellion. Become a Money Rebel.

Over the next 2 weeks, you will journal and do energy work to release the rules you’ve been given about money. The rules about who can have it, what you have to do to earn it, and why you don’t deserve money.

● Welcome Live on 8/12 at 4pm Eastern
● First Journal Prompt Drops on 8/15
● Energy Work video drops 8/18
● Second Journal Prompt Drops on 8/22

All of this will take place in a private container. One that is energetically designed to support your shedding of the old, and growing into freedom.

Because this is such an intimate container, I want to get to know you better and better hold space for you! So this time around, we are doing applications!

Fill out the form below to submit your application! And you’ll hear back shortly regarding your application via email.

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