Give Your Business Some TLC

arrow 2 Do you ever wish you could give your biz some love?
arrow 2 Do you feel worn out and exhausted during launches?
arrow 2 Does your business just need an energy boost?

Hop on a FREE call with me and we’ll create a personalized Reiki plan for you and your biz!

Schedule a Biz Reiki Call

During the call we’ll discuss what your business needs are and tailor a package to fit your budget. Packages start at $100 USD.

What you get:

arrow 2 60 minute LIVE Reiki sessions – how ever many you need
arrow 2 30 minutes attached to each session for coaching and discussing
arrow 2 Unlimited chat support via Voxer for the duration of your package
arrow 2 Direction and steps for you to take between sessions (Yes, I mean homework)

Launching? Get a session every other day. Planning content? Get a session once a week. Business schedule filled up? Get a session every other week or once a month. AND get audio or text support in between sessions.

Reiki can:

arrow 2 connect you better to your business
arrow 2 give you reassurance
arrow 2 bring you increased clarity around your business
arrow 2 help call in dream, soul-mate clients
arrow 2 refresh your business
arrow 2 boost a launch
arrow 2 give you peace of mind

Biz Reiki

Hear what others have said:

“During my session I felt really high vibe & relaxed, like a blanket of love was wrapped around me. I felt the energy shift through my body gently and easily.
After my session I felt so good and relaxed. I was able to go on & work on my business & be in flow. And after receiving her feedback everything made so much sense. She knew exactly where I was in the process and what I needed to do next. Having her guidance feels so supportive and helpful. I feel so confident & in flow moving forward & taking action.” -Karla Mejia

“I felt completely at peace during the session and filled with hope. The session provided a lot of insight on my business and where I can focus in the future to get where I want to be! You are spot on in your interpretations of my businesses’ energies. I’m now feeling much more prepared to do the mindset work in that area and move forward with ease!
There was a major shift that occurred almost immediately.
The first thing I felt was excitement and readiness to dive in. I was filled with ideas and writing down everything that came to mind–good stuff was just completely flowing! Even while taking it easy over the weekend, I was invited to join an Instagram Pod, and to my surprise, all the other women in it were women I already knew of and really admired! Today, my email list has suddenly grown (after being stagnant for a few weeks), and the responses to the email I sent out earlier were really positive and reaffirmed why I’m doing this. Really good things are starting to happen with complete ease, and I am so excited to make the most of this!
You are extremely talented and intuitive. This session was a game-changer for me! I can’t wait to move forward with this new energy and insight.”
– Elizabeth S.

“I had Shelby send reiki the same day as the start of a launch. She described the energy of the course perfectly – which I could see clearly as the weeks unfolded. She also mentioned that things would go differently than planned – which it did! (Good thing I was expecting it, right?) And while it was a little chaotic on the backend, it still ran smooth enough that no one knew from the outside perspective. #win”
– Kristen Jett


Hop on a FREE call with me and we’ll create a personalized Reiki plan for you and your biz!

Schedule a Biz Reiki Call