Boost Your Biz Video Bundle

You totally can! Once you understand energy, you can shift it, transmute it, and work with it to achieve your goals.

In 2016, when I decided to start coaching, I was listening and reading any strategy and mindset work I could get my hands on. While it helped me to lay the foundation of my business, I was spinning my wheels, I wasn’t even making enough money to pay my student loan bill.

You too?

Even though I was a reiki master, (and still am) I didn’t even think about what the energy of my business was doing. Or what MY energy was doing to my biz. It wasn’t until a reiki client and dear friend asked me about reiki for businesses. OF COURSE! We can literally reiki anything!

Then I started to think about the energy of my business. How did it feel? What was it doing? And let me tell you, it was not lookin so hot. It was worn down. Confused. Under valued. Over stretched. And in need of some serious TLC. I was too.

The energy of my business was reflecting how I was feeling right back to me.

And I wasn’t the only one feeling it. Anyone who interacted with my business was feeling it too. They were turned off by the energy of my business. So, it was time to get to work.

Now clients are actually coming in. They LIKE the energy my business reflects to them. Confidence. Joy. Fulfillment. Connection. Magic. Abundance. And they want those things too. Don’t you?

Well, you can have them! You can have a business that feels confident, joyful, fulfilled, connected, magic, and abundant! And more! You don’t even have to be a reiki master. Because you ALREADY have the power to change, shift, and transmute energy! You are a powerful, multi-dimensional being! Energy and the ability to change it is inherent to who you are!

You are feeling crappy. Your biz is feeling crappy. And potential clients just don’t want to interact with your business.

You feel dried up. Stopped up. Blocked from receiving in your business. Small amounts of money come through, but nothing ever big enough to pay your bills or consistent enough to quit your job over.

You can feel your dream clients out there, even see them in meditation. You know you have value to share with them but they never seem to arrive.
I feel you. I was there. And many of my clients have been there.

You are changing your energy and the energy of your business is shifting. Clients are not only excited to work with you but are magically drawn to you.

You are flowing with creativity and inspiration. People are excited to see what you bring to life next.

You are not only seeing your dream clients in meditations, but also seeing them on your email list, in your inbox, and on your schedule each day.
You can have these things! You can create these realities! You can shift, transform, and change energy to align with your goals.

… even if you are just starting your business. The Boost Your Biz bundle teaches you energy work for any stage, and you can begin building it into your biz from the start.
… even if you are expanding into the next level. Growth draws upon energy, so give it a boost to reach that next level quicker and with more ease.
… even if things could only be 10% better. This is still 10%! Just think of how much more you would be changing the world! How many more live you could reach!

Let’s take a look at all the good stuff I’ve included in this bundle!

  • Plan your next level schedule with the Ideal Calendar Packet. This helps you to compare where you are now and where you want to be so that you can begin making changes and embody that next level, future self.
  • Learn about energy and how to shift it with the You are an Energy Changer video series. In these videos, I talk about what energy is so you have a foundation for the rest of the bundle, you’ll also learn tips and techniques for shifting energy in your everyday life.
  • Focus on shifting energy in your business with the Up Your Biz Energy video series. You’ll take what you’ve learned so far and begin applying it to your business in practical and easy ways.
  • Boost your energy shifting efforts with the Reiki Biz Boost videos! In these meditations, you’ll be receiving luscious reiki (universal life force) energy as you follow the guided visualizations and create changes in your energy and the energy of your business for clearing, grounding, inspiration, and magnetization.

“Do IT!! Shelby’s work is amazing & she helps you tap into the energy of your business & REMOVE blocks so you can receive more money, clients & awesomeness!” – Karla Mejia of

  • I’m busy. I don’t want to fall behind.
    The great thing about this bundle is that you get immediate access to the whole bundle and then you can work at your own pace from there!
  • I’m new to business. / I’ve been in business for a while. Is this still for me?
    It doesn’t matter where you are at in your business, learning about the dynamics of energy and how to shift and change it is something anyone can do!
  • When do I get access to the content?
    Access is granted immediately! You should be redirected after payment, but in the case you aren’t you can click “Return to Merchant” after your payment is submitted. If you have any troubles though, feel free to email the team at
  • How long do I get access for?
    For life! Or really, as long as this site is still up and the internet exists, you get access.
  • Does this bundle come with a guarantee?
    I love this bundle and I believe in you and your power, however, we legally cannot guarantee any specific results.
  • Do you give refunds?
    Given the nature of the content, I will not be doing refunds on this bundle.

You are an Energy Changer Video Series – Value $45
– Learn about energy, how it works, and begin playing with shifting it.
Up Your Biz Energy Video Series – Value $45
– See energy as it impacts your business directly, and learn ways you can directly impact the energy in your biz.
Reiki Biz Boost Videos – Value $47
– Give your energy work and impacts you are making in your business a reiki boost.
Ideal Schedule Packet – Value $20
– Tune into your next level self and begin to bring in the energy of that you that has already achieved your current goals and is on their way to the next level after that.
Over 3 hours of bite sized videos and actionables for you to take to boost your biz – Total Value $155

Do you want your business feeling like a big YES to your clients?
Do you want your business feeling like ease and flow?
Do you want waves of inspiration every time you work on your business?
Then get access to the Boost Your Biz Bundle! I invite you to click the button and say “YES!” to boosting your biz for only $44.44!

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  VIP Option!

Or, if you are really wanting to boost your business to the next level, snag this VIP Boost Your Biz Bundle!
Get the entire Boost Your Biz Bundle – AND – a 90 minute energy session with me focusing on your biz and your goals. After your purchase, you’ll be redirected to the videos and within 24 hours I’ll contact you to set up your coaching session!
A $266 value for only $77.77.

After you pay, you will be redirected to the videos. If not, make sure to click the “Return to Merchant” text/button after you pay in paypal to be redirected.

You are POWERFUL, but you don’t have to do it alone. Let me help you to affect and change the energy in your business with the Boost Your Biz Bundle!

I’m Shelby Melissa – Spiritual Coach, Energy Alchemist, and Intuition Queen. I became a Reiki Master on January 1, 2015. Reiki is an energy work tradition born out of Japan, and it allows me to shift and change energies – in person, across the world, or even through the internet. But most importantly, all of this – the spiritual coaching, the reiki, and the intuition – allow me to serve you!