The Magic of Sound Immersions + Baths

When you attend a Sound Immersion or Sound Bath, you typically lay on the floor or get into a comfortable position and relax as the sounds carry you. But on a spiritual level, something magnificent happens. That’s the magic of sound immersions + baths. So what happens?

Holiday Self Care Tips

Holidays can bring up a wide range of emotions and issues. And it can feel like trying to pull a boulder up a mountain to get through them sometimes. So, I’ve create a list of 11 holiday self care tips in an attempt to try to make the holidays a little easier to get through for all of us.

5 Ways to Begin Reclaiming Your Power

We have so much power. But oftentimes we forget, don’t recognize, or give it away. So let’s begin reclaiming your power. Here are 5 ways you can start!

Picking Out Your Card Deck

There are so many different ways to go about picking out your card deck. Be it tarot, oracle cards, or lenormand! Let’s bust a big myth and then get into some different ways to pick out your deck!

What is Magic?

So people are talking about spells and magic. What is magic? Is it even real? Yes! It is! Let me show you!

Who is or can be a Witch?

Witches seem to be making a comeback. You may be reading about them in magazines or hearing about them in media. But who is or who can be a witch? I’ll tell you!