Magic: Ways to use The Sims

We live in an age with technology and so many new things! Magic, like us, evolves. The tools we use change as the world changes. That is why we can use things like our phones, computers, and even video games for magic. In the blog post, I’ll talk about a couple different ways to use The Sims for magic!

Magic: Releasing Ritual

As we go through life, things happen or we pick things up. But there usually comes a time to let go and release. That’s where some magic comes in. Let go of things holding you back or weighing you down with this Magic: Releasing Ritual! Releasing – What is it? Releasing is something that happens…

What is Magic?

So people are talking about spells and magic. What is magic? Is it even real? Yes! It is! Let me show you!

Who is or can be a Witch?

Witches seem to be making a comeback. You may be reading about them in magazines or hearing about them in media. But who is or who can be a witch? I’ll tell you!