Celestial Guidance Reading

Celestial Guidance - Cosmos Tarot and Oracle

Celestial Guidance

“Choose from 11 celestial bodies to receive wisdom and insight.”

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 The stars and planets have long provided guidance and direction. In this reading, one celestial body will provide you with wisdom and insight to assist you with your question

For this reading, you have the choice of selecting which celestial body in our solar system you would like to receive guidance from. This includes: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Our Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. During check out, please make sure to include your choice. If you would like to receive guidance from multiple celestial bodies, please adjust the quantity during checkout. This will automatically adjust the price.

This reading consists of 3 cards. The tarot deck used will be the Cosmos Tarot created by the Light Grey Art Lab.
Once completed, a pdf file of your reading will be emailed to you. In the pdf file, I give you the messages I receive pertaining to each card and then an overall impression of your reading.

I look forward to reading for you!

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Pictured above: Cosmos Tarot and Oracle by Light Grey Art Lab, http://lightgreyartlab.com/cosmos. All art is created by individual artists. Names are available by following the link. Purchase the deck at shop.lightgreyartlab.com