Changing Beliefs – Your Spiritual beliefs will change and it is okay!

Changes happen. In all areas of our lives. So spirituality is no different. And it may change in ways you would least expect. Changing beliefs is okay. It is okay!

Changing Beliefs – Your spiritual beliefs will change and it is okay!

You may change beliefs completely such as monotheist to hard polytheist. You may develop more intricate beliefs in one area or another, such as what happens when we die or how spirit realms operate.

My beliefs have changed so much in the last ten years. I was a soft polytheist believing in gendered duality and the goodness of all spirits who changed to a hard polytheist and animist who doesn’t believe in duality but rather that things are complex and nuanced. Oh, and not every spirit has your best intentions at heart. I had started exploring beyond what my friends and family believed and found books that helped to shape the soft polytheism I believed in ten years ago. That was all that I had available, and all I was really allowed to explore as a minor. But as I grew older, I ventured further and met all kinds of different people. I was exposed to different beliefs, listened to people talk about their experiences without judgement, and measured my own beliefs against my growing experiences.

The key here was being open to actually listening to people and being open to change.

If I wasn’t open to listening or changing, their experiences and my growing experiences would have hit up against a wall OR I would have morphed these experiences into something they were not so that they would fit my world view at the time. What a disservice that would have been! (And trust me, it sucks to be on the other end of that.)

Life changes. People change. And your beliefs will also change. Change is the natural state of things.

In fact, my beliefs are still changing. I believe we all have divine universal energy within us. That we are each the Universe. But how all of this interacts with my beliefs around hard polytheism, I don’t know. And I am still working out what this means in relation to people who are colossal jerks, and that is putting it nicely. I don’t know what these changes mean for what my beliefs will look like tomorrow and that is okay!

It is okay to not know what your beliefs are on certain things. It is okay to change.

Changing beliefs is okay!

What I really want you to understand and take away from this post is: You are under no obligation to be who you were yesterday. And you are under no obligation to believe exactly as you did yesterday.


How have your spiritual beliefs changed over time? Share it with me down in the comments below!

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