Colors of Love – A Valentine’s Reading

Colors of Love Reading – $12.67

The Colors of Love reading is back! It made its debut in February of 2016 and is back for 2019, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Colors of Love is a three card reading focusing on You, Your Partner (current or next), and Your Love Together. (If you are in a polyamorous relationship made up of multiple people, please note that this reading only looks at the dynamic between you and one of your partners.)

Additionally, the color for Your Love Together is looked at in relation to You and Your Partner.

Reminder/Disclaimer: Please make sure your partner is comfortable with you getting a reading that involves them. For some, it can be a betrayal of trust. This is your responsibility.

Deck used and seen in the above photo is the Color Mage Oracle by Bernard Charles;

Reading Example:

You: Damascus – “Self-Love”
If this is not something you are currently working on, this card suggests that maybe it is something you should look at. The saying that you need to love yourself before others can truly love you has some ground here. By giving yourself more love, you are bettering yourself. When you better yourself, you will attract people into your life who are better for you. By raising yourself up, you attract those who are at that level. Besides, who better to love you than you! You are deserving and worthy of love, so give some to yourself!

Them: Sapphire – “Regenerate Community”
Your partner to-be is someone who is working on building a community. They may be a leader within the community or part of a group within the community already that is working to improve what they already have. This will be something that is important to them. Your partner to-be may not realize this is what they are doing or may not word it in this way. You may or may not be part of that community. I could see that you will increase your engagement with the community if you are not already within it. Remember to be open! Because this is something that will mean a lot to them.

Your Love: New Thyme – “Inner Calm and Balance”
Together, your love will be one of peace and happiness. Your love will be the escape and rock that both you need from busy daily life and the chaotic outside world. I can see the two of you cuddling up on the couch or in the bed at the end of the night and all of the stress from the day just washing off of each of you. How wonderful does that sound? Being able to come home or call the other person and the weight of the world just lifts from your shoulders. It sounds like a beautiful love to me. For you though, you need to make sure this is something that you want. Is this the kind of love you want? Is this the kind of love you need?

It is fun to see how your colors come together. You are a pink, they are a blue, and together you come together to make a green. It seems to match your partner well, but pink and blue don’t make green. This is why it is important for you to make sure that you are getting what you need out of the relationship too. This requires communication, and for both of you have to have the capacity to meet each others needs. Which I think you both will be able to do! So don’t give up before you start. Put some hard work into yourself and into your relationship. As long as your partner is putting hard work in too, your relationship can go far!